Anyone on Enhertu?

Just wondering if anyone is on enhertu? I might be lucky enough to get onto a clinical trial…but i am reading the side effects include hair loss.  I know I will have a hair loss treatment one day, but i’m not necessarily ready for it yet - my alternative is Cape and Phesgo which I believe is a well-tolerated combo in general, and won’t cause hair loss.

Interested to know what anyone thinks? I’ve heard so much about Enhertu, but as a targeted therapy, I was surprised to learn it can cause hair loss.

Thanks so much,

I’m about to get my third dose of Enhertu. After my second dose I noticed my hair coming out but I cut it short. It has continued to “shed” so I’m probably going for a buzz cut this weekend. My oncologist said not all women lose hair, but I seem to be one of the unlucky ones in that regard. As far as tolerating the chemo–I don’t feel well for about 7-10 days after treatment, then my energy starts to pick up and the nausea subsides. By week 3 I’m feeling overall much better though I fatigue easily. I do work full-time and I’m 64, so those 2 things factor in on how I feel. 

I have been on Enhertu for 6 months now. It has been the first effective treatment I’ve had in the past two years. I have stage 4 bc. 
I have not lost my hair, but the fatigue and nausea in week two is quite significant. I have tolerated other chemos well, so to be having this much difficulty is unusual for me. 
I would love to hear how others are handling the fatigue and nausea. 

I’m due to start receiving enhertu the end of April and oncologist said it shouldn’t cause hair loss 

HI there!  I am Valorcart, and I just now became a member of this Forum, so I’m not sure which post I am responding to, but thank you for accepting me!  I’m 59 years old, I was diagnosed last year in May of having Stage 4 breast cancer, HER2 Positive, with mets to my lungs, (multiple nodules).  I began Taxotere last year, but had some back pain with the second infusion in August 2022, so they switched me to Enhertu, and I’ve had ten Enhertu infusions so far.  My heart scan has been low since June of this year, so hopefully it will be high enough so that I can continue with Enhertu soon, next scan in a couple of weeks.  According to two cat scans, the nodules are becoming considerably smaller than when I was first diagnosed.  They are always checking my lungs too, I was told that Enhertu can cause lung issues.  So far so good with my lungs.  I just wonder how many more treatments I’m going to have to receive until all the nodules are clear?  Thank you for any input!