anyone on fentanyl patches for liver pain?

was wondering if anyone has been rescribed fentanyl patches for liver pain? im on 50mcg/hr.
im also on oxycodone 20mg for extra pain relief but havent need any for a good few days as the patches are working.

not sure how long i will have to be on these, doc hasnt said anything as yet.


Hi Hema,

I have fentanly patches for bone mets and also have oxycodone for back up. I have been on them since march and they are really helping with the pain but I do feel quite tired.


thanks angee, wasnt sure if anyone else would be on it, but has beenhelping me with pain too but can get quite tired on it. ive been on it for a couple of weeks now and have extra pain killers for back up too. i just have to remember to change it every 3 days

let me know how ytou get on.


Yes, changing every three days is a problem when I am so tired I can’t remember what day of the week it is. I am thinking of setting an alarm on my mobile to remind me. I have found the pain relief very good and hope you do too.


My wife has been on Morphine patches for two years now, permanently tired but very little pain. When it does break through we have Morphine tablets at 10 and 20mg to take and she can take up to six a day.


To all

im allergic to oppiates so the strongest i can take is ibuprofin which just masks the pain ,im getting used to it now as have terrific joint pains with the arimadex .any advice gratefully recieved ,i did try a half a patch but even this made me sick ! awkward arnt ti . lynn x

Hi Lynn,

I have terrible joint pains (think we may have chatted on another thread?) which the fentanyl patches do not help so am looking at other ideas. If I find anything works I will let you know x

i agree angee having to remember the days of the patches can get confusing, i put one on a day early but the docs said that it shouldnt be a problem. ive also been taking oxynorm pain relif tabs 2-3 a day at least so yesterday they have up my patched to 75. sometimes i get paranoid and think am i just making the pain up, ive been taking paracetamol for my aches and pains but they dont seem to be working as much so im going to have to mention this to the docs.

even though the patches and tabs help im pretty much drowsey in the day especially on my chemo weeks and have to always have someone with me when i out. which ive come to accept i get worried that im going to pass out or fall over.
i went out on my chemo week off on my own was meeting some cousins for dinner it felt wierd being on my own but i took it easy and got there okay!

Lynn, did you find anything else for the joint pains?