Anyone on IMPACT HIGH study?


I’ve been enrolled on the IMPACT HIGH radiotherapy study and wondered if there’s anyone else out there doing this? I’m glad to have been randomised to treatment 2 which means slightly higher radiation, but only for 15 days. I hope it will be the future of rads. Wouls be great to hear from any others, so we can compare notes and moan!!

Julia xx

Sounds interesting - where are you doing the trial?

I’m at the Marsden. It’s being run in 6 or 8 centres around the country. The rads dose concentrates on the site where the tumour was with a high dose and then fans out across the breast. Apparently, standard rads target the whole breast whereas this is more specific. They also follow you up for 10 years. My occupational health Doc said its a no brainer!

Julia xx

Hi Rancidtart - long time no see you but that is probably my fault as been concentrating on chemo which I have now finished early!!! Yippee do’s (had to foresake 6th chemo as veins knackered) and now day 7 post chemo so getting better all the time:)

I have been approached re. the IMPORT trial (Ipswich Hospital also taking part). I have been given a load of info about it and from the prospect that if you are selected for the 15 sessions whether it be Trial 1 or Trial 2 and that you will be followed up for 10 years I feel more reasurred that long term if anything untoward were to occur you are already a part of a continuing process. I am due for my planning appointment on the 30th March and hopefully will be starting Rads mid/towards end of April.

After all the probs with chemo - I cannot be happier to be moving on (sounds daft doesn’t it)!!

When are you starting Rads? - would like to exchange experiences if thats okay

Leigh xx

Your hair looks amazing - mine is just starting to grow now and its coming through white!!! Never mind its coming back:)

Hi, I’m also on the trial but unfortunately got chosen to have the usual treatment so I had 25 rads, but the trial did seem to make sense!! i also felt the follow up for 10 years was a good one to go with! I am also at the Marsden in Sutton. I finished rads in November.
love Debs x

Hi Julia and All,

I’ve spoken to you before Julia as I am at the Marsden too. I am on the IMPORT high trial too and like Debs was chosen for standard treatment.
Debs - my standard treatment is 23 doses, ie 15 to the general area and 8 to the tumour bed. It’s strange how the amounts differ - is it to do with the grade and size of tumour?? I have 2 to go ie tomorrow and Monday yippee!! I have been generally fine. Would have preferred the 3 week option as I have just started to get tired in the 4th week (was ok for the 3 weeks) and my skin is pretty good too, slightly pink in the general area, and more inflammed near the tumour, but all in all not too bad.
When do you start Julia?
Lynn x

Hi guys

Great that we are on the trial but shame only me that on the trial arm. I start on April fools day! I have to say that the lure of 10 year follow up was significant for me too. I didnt realise that the rads suite was underground at the Marsden; I thought that new building was it and not that it was the lift! So there’s a whole new bit of hospital to explore!

Julia xx

Yes and it’s quite smart too, large marble pillars and a huge atrium. The radiographers are great too, so you’ll be fine.


Hi All

Been accepted for standard treatment on this study and commence on 13th April. Planning seemed simple enough but what I wanted to ask is when is the best time to start the Tamoxifen? My Oncologist told me to wait until I felt well/strong enough (saw him 10 days ago and he advised a 2 - 3 week wait). I finished chemo a little over 3 weeks ago - been fatigued quite a bit but most of the other SE’s of chemo have now departed (yippee!!) but with Rads starting I just wanted some advice as to whether to get on with taking the Tamoxifen now and its possible SE’s before Rads or wait a bit longer to see how I go on commencing Rads. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Leigh x

I had my last tax on 5/3 and started tamoxifen 27/3. I’ve had one rad so far. Dunno if that helps! Wish there were some gals on the study arm of this trial; I’m all lonely!

Julia xx

Hi Julia

Am sure someone out there is on trial 1 or 2 and will come on board so you will not feel so lonely:) and you still have us 4 1/2 weekers to share your experiences with!:wink:

Thanks for info re. Tamoxifen. Will probably start it later this week. Have you had an SE’s? After chemo you would think I’d just take a pill once a day easily but feeling a bit hesitant - really daft I know - guess its because apart from a bit of chemo fatigue I feel really well at the mo and want it to last for as long as possible - can’t have it all can we!

Leigh x

I am getting limb pains. Its not dissimilar to the pains I had with tax, tho nowhere near as bad. I’m only assuming its the tam tho

Julia xx

Hi, I am currently deciding if to enroll on the impact high trial. How was it for you and are the follow up appts as expected.