Anyone On Taxol?

Hi, I am on my second cycle of 4 Taxol and I am suffering with severe muscle bone pain - to the point where I can barely stand for more than 30 mins. Its all a bit tricky with 2 small kids and a shift working husband!
The oncology team said that this is a more aggressive drug than the previous AC which I think I coped quite well on. They told me to take Panadene and Voltaren 50 but I can’t say that taking these has made much difference, I just feel like I have been hit by a bus for at least 5 days after each fortnightly treatment. Only 2 more to go thank goodness.

Is anyone else out there experiencing this?

Hi Flishy

I have just finished 3 x Taxotere, which I think is similar to Taxol - at least where bone pain is concerned. I have had the same as you each time - well only had my last Tax on Thursday so expecting pain to hit tonight. I take dihydrocodeine for the first 2 days when it is worse, then ibruprofen/paracetemol for the other days. I would suggest seeing your GP to see if he can give anything stronger - certainly don’t suffer.

Hope you have people to call on to help with the kids? It really takes all your effort to look after yourself during this time.

Take care


Hi Flishy

I’ve had 4 lots of taxol (+ gemcitabine), and I had really bad bone pain with the second dose. Like you, I could hardly stand or walk anywhere for a couple of days, and had shooting pains in my legs and arms off and on for a week or so. However, bizarre as it sounds, I didn’t have these symptoms AT ALL with rounds three and four. Instead, I felt worn out and a bit miserable on number 3. Expected the worst with number 4, and sailed through it with no side effects whatsoever. I’ve now switched to EC, which is making me feel sick (though the taxol didn’t in the slightest).

Maybe the message is to expect the unexpected, but don’t waste time dread the next treatment because it may well be completely different.

Best of luck! Stockbeck