Anyone on TCHP for Her2+?

Hello everyone

I’m just about to start my chemo journey (6 cycles TCHP) starting imminently - awaiting date this week once PICC line in on Wednesday.

I’ve been reading up about the various side effects (which seem to be soooo many!) and I know everyone reacts differently, but just wondered if there were any good tips on dealing with the SEs other than the meds they will give me? 

I’m prepared for the hair loss and turbans/beanies/scarves already in hand and daughter going to help me with the shave as and when that comes around (which I believe is normally around 2-3 weeks after first cycle).

Not looking forward to the filgrastim injections (for 7 days after each cycle ugh) and know that bone pain can be an issue.  So on this front have already got a catering size tub of Epsom Salts in with hot water bottle on standy lol.

As I’m also ER+ (both tumours) gonna have the joys of Tamoxifen later too…but that’s for a later day xx

Thank you in advance and already following the Feb 2021 Chemo feed but not many there yet xx

Hi CrazyCatLady

Just to say best of luck with the PICC line today. I hope it all goes smoothly. Please remember our team is right here if you need to chat about anything.


Hey there!

I am HER2 Positive also and have just finished 6 rounds of TCHP chemo.

my tips would be:

Codeine for the bone aches every four hours when bad , also baths helped.

I had muscle spasms a lot which the baths helped.

 my skin kept getting rashes from the drugs and very dry so i started taking D3 vitamin and moisturising more.

I cold capped and still have hair so would highly reccomend! take codeine before though to make the cap bearable and wear a headband on your forehead to help with the pressure of the cap.

i only washed my hair every five days as it falls out more in the shower. Also expect heavy shedding on week 2/3 i honestly thought it was all going to fall out but it slows down!

the filgratism injection i found okay just didn’t like being injected.

Hope this helps! anything i have missed or further questions please ask.

wishing you all the best,

im not sure what TCHP is i cant believe im er positive hers 2 at 54  ive done 3 chemos got 15 more to go then surgery then rads then more herceptain