Anyone on Xeloda

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Best wishes

Hi, my Mom has metastatic breast cancer and has been prescribed Xeloda as treament - I’d like to hear from anyone else with experience of this chemo - side effects, response to treatment etc.
Caroline x

there are some threads on here about Tact2 trial which includes xeloda. if my bloods are ok i start on xeloda on wednesay.

try tact 2 arm3.

most people seem to be saying they are ok… but side effects can be hand foot thing and runs…we are all dfferent. i hope your mum will be ok on it

I’ve been on Xeloda since 2006 and will remain on it until such time as it stops working.

I don’t have the hand and foot problems but that’s probably because I’m on a low dose and have been ever since I started taking it due to the compromised state of my liver.

There are other people on here who have also taken it for as long as me and some others who have been on it longer but had breaks in between.

It’s not as harsh a regime as a lot of the I.V. chemos which weren’t an option for me in 2006 because of how ill I was so am really pleased that it’s been working all this time.

I hope your mum responds well to it.