Anyone opted to go flat?

Hey all. I’m currently 6 weeks post diagnosis and already got 2 chemo sessions under my belt (it’s been a crazy few weeks i can tell you!). I’m having the neo adjuvant therapy so chemo first, then mastectomy and then rads (think I’m getting the lingo!). I’ve been told that having radiotherapy after masectomy will limit my reconstruction choices (plastics interfering with the radiotherapy or something?). So I am anyway contemplating going flat. I want to give the radiotherapy the best possible chance of working and wondered if it would interfere then why not go without boobs for a while? Then I’ve been thinking that they are causing me nothing but grief at the moment and I may just not do with anymore surgeries or hassle etc. I’ve breastfed 2 children (stopped recently with my 5 month old when I started chemo) and I feel that as nice as they are, I would just worry constantly and i feel like although im only 34 they have served their purpose (attracted a lush hubby and nurtured 2 gloriously bouncing babies). Has anyone done this? Has anyone stayed flat? Has anyone been flat for a while and then changed their mind later? I’ve a few months left to go of chemo before I need to make any kind of decision. Just wondering what everyone else has done?.. I’m very fortunate to have a hubby who is crazy supportive and although he admits he would miss my double d’s, he’s happy for whatever I choose. So has anyone gone flat? What are your experiences of reconstruction? Were you limited choice wise (silicone, pumps etc)? Would love to hear from you!
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Sorry that you havent had a reply to this as yet.  You may have more chance of a reply to your particular question by posting on a different part of the website. Going through treatment or Moving Forward after breast cancer would be good places to try.

Ask our nurses are always here for you as well as our Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

I feel sure that you will find the support you are looking for and hope that you get the answers that will help you.

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Oooh… I’ll do that. Thank you! X

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this is my first post so bare with me! I finished all treatment in April of this year and sadly lost my mother 2weeks later so have decided not to bother going through reconstruction as I just want to be left alone now. I’ve been walking around with 1 boob for a while now and can honestly say it doesn’t bother me anymore. I also have limited options for reconstruction due to radiotherapy and really don’t have the energy or interest for any big surgery taking bits from here and there. It does get a little annoying with clothes at times. I also get frustrated with how much money special lingerie costs and have found that ASDA have some amazing post surgery bras for an extremely reasonable price!

Hi Warrior ,welcome to the forum .Thank you for sharing your experiences ,best of luck whichever way you chose to go with future treatment .