Anyone opted to go flat?

Hey all. I’m currently 6 weeks post diagnosis and already got 2 chemo sessions under my belt (it’s been a crazy few weeks i can tell you!). I’m having the neo adjuvant therapy so chemo first, then mastectomy and then rads (think I’m getting the lingo!). I’ve been told that having radiotherapy after masectomy will limit my reconstruction choices (plastics interfering with the radiotherapy or something?). So I am anyway contemplating going flat. I want to give the radiotherapy the best possible chance of working and wondered if it would interfere then why not go without boobs for a while? Then I’ve been thinking that they are causing me nothing but grief at the moment and I may just not do with anymore surgeries or hassle etc. I’ve breastfed 2 children (stopped recently with my 5 month old when I started chemo) and I feel that as nice as they are, I would just worry constantly and i feel like although im only 34 they have served their purpose (attracted a lush hubby and nurtured 2 gloriously bouncing babies). Has anyone done this? Has anyone stayed flat? Has anyone been flat for a while and then changed their mind later? I’ve a few months left to go of chemo before I need to make any kind of decision. Just wondering what everyone else has done?.. I’m very fortunate to have a hubby who is crazy supportive and although he admits he would miss my double d’s, he’s happy for whatever I choose. So has anyone gone flat? What are your experiences of reconstruction? Were you limited choice wise (silicone, pumps etc)? Would love to hear from you!
Big love to you All,
Kat. Xxx

Hi Kat, what a very positive post from you. ? I’m a Lumpectomy lady so can’t help you re psychological impact of mx on younger woman but I’m sure that someone will be along shortly to help you. Best wishes for decision making, and with your treatment. You didn’t say what type, stage or grade BC you have, or indeed what your Onco recommends. That may impact on your decision. The NHS predict tool may also help with decision making. X

P.S just picked up the thread put on by Beemster which appears under your post. Same query with answers. Check it out. X

Hi AnnieJ. Ooh! Thanks for the redirect. I’ll have a look at Beemsters post now. I have stage 3 grade 3 invasive lobular cancer. My oncologist says he’s happy for whatever decision I make. My surgeon understands that I want the double mastectomy even though only one breast and nodes on one side are affected so far and he is happy to do it. I’ll also have a Google for nhs predict tool. I’ve not heard of it before! I’ve got a few months yet to make any decision so want to make it as informed as possible and this forum has been unbelievably helpful so far! I would be lost without all you ladies!!! Thank you! ? xxx

Hi there. I’m 41 and had a mastectomy on one side in January. I recovered well and tried to get on with it. To be honest day to day is fine and with a good prosthetic you can’t tell the difference. However now I have gone through the summer and had a few holidays I’m now at the point where I want reconstruction. I struggled to get a nice swimsuit that fits a water prosthetic and because I’m normally large booked I found the weight of them pulled the swimsuit a bit and I ended up having 1 normal boob and 1 way down where it was dropping in swimsuit. Trying to weigh up my options between just a simple implant or diep or implant and muscle from back. Saying this I DON’T regret going flat for a while, I’ve tried to live with being flat but long term I don’t think it’s for me now. Wishing you all the best xxx

Boobed not booked lol

Hi KBomb - I’m 49 - following chemo since May I had a right mx and complete node removal same side last Tuesday.  I’ve been advised can’t have any reconstruction for 12/18 months.  However, I must admit (albeit early days yet) I am more than happy being flat  I have a knitted knocker ready for when I’m healed and the breast nurses are going to sort me out with a proper prosthetic one soon.


Good luck with the remainder of your chemo. x

Hi KBomb - first of all I’d like to wish you all the very best with your treatment. This is a great place for support and info. I too had chemo first, then mx and node clearance in May, with an immediate recon, followed by radiotherapy. My only option was an implant so I have had what’s called a “pre-pectoral” implant covered with something called an ADM (I think). There is a risk that the radio could cause it to harden (capsular contracture) but I decided to take that risk and have the recon done at the same time. Happy to answer any other questions on here or via private message.

Evie x

Hi Kat


I’ve been half flat for over 5 years now - I didn’t want implants of any sort and didn’t fancy having ops on other parts of my body to make the boob out of and, to be frank, I just didn’t want the extra surgery and extra healing time. As I’ve said before on this forum, there isn’t any wrong and right decision, just your decision. I do not regret mine because it was right for me. I wear a prosthesis on the affected side and mostly i forget about it.


Good luck with your treatment and decision making.