Anyone out there like me?

Hello you,
Am new to the forum and to the BC club - and like everyone else, it’s a membership I could have done without.

It is a given that at times I am scared, terrified and everyother word that describes this situation, something that you all know…

I was diagnosed 6 months ago,and treatment began almost straight away. I have already had a mast, undergone chemo, have just had another op (last week) to remove tumours in my chestwall (unusual I am told but not rare) - has anyone else had this?

I am only 35 (I feel too young for this!) and I am mother with two small children, (2 and nearly 1) one of which is special needs (like I don’t have enough to deal with) and this also breaks my heart. Anyone else the same?

Generally I am on top of it, I “forget” it at times - but it’s not easy. I have been blessed (finally some good) with great family and friends, but none of them are in my situation and most live around the world.

Is there anybody else like me? On the one hand, I hope no one is the same, because it’s not a nice place to be, but on the other…

Is there anything i can to boost my chances?

Fragile at the moment, but my core is strong.


Hi K, your story sounds very similar to mine

I was diagnosed in Feb with Inflamatory BC, and have had five cycles of chemo (FEC & Tax with HER), and a mast.

My children are 2.5yrs & almost 11 months, so I worry about them all of the time.

I am just waiting for my surgical results, but more chemo & then rads have been suggested.

My days are filled with worrying & trying to keep things normal - whatever that is.

Hugs to you, it’s a crap club to join, Bec x

Hi Bec,

Thank you so much for your reply. Our children are the same age - and I’m so sorry you have this too.

I do not understand what Inflamatory BC is, or why you need more chemo. I am waiting to heal from my latest op before I start Rad, I am also on Herc. Ihad 6 sessions of chemo, 3 Fec and 3 Dox - I miss my eyelashes the most. My last session of chemo was 5 weeks ago and my hair is growing back.

Normal - hmmmm, I know what you mean.

Big warm fuzzies to you. It’s nice to meet you! You’ve made me smile.

K :slight_smile:

Hi again,

Bec - I was reading other threads and found answers to one of my questions from one of your reply. Still don’t understand what Inf. BC is - but good luck for your results.


Hi K

I too was diagnosed just over 6 months ago when I was 35 (I turned 36 in April). I have 2 little girls age 1 and 5. I had a lumpectomy in Dec 07 followed by 6 months of chemo which I have just finished. I have still got to have 15 sessions of radiotherapy in the next month then its back to the real world with just tamoxifan to protect me !

I sometimes think this is a bad dream and I will wake up soon. I cannot help but think back to my ‘normal’ life this time last year and how that has now been taken from me - because life will never be the same will it ? But we have to be strong for our loved ones and I want to see my little girls grow up into beautiful women.

Sorry I am feeling very emotional tonight i think its finishing chemo this week !

Anyway K its sounds like you are coping well keep going.

Take care

Lisa X

Damn this bloody bc…So not fair to anyone but WHY us mums with young tiny babies eh?? Makes me mad…
I brought my babies into this world wanting to be the best mum and give them the best of everything, they deserve it to…So innocent, so loving…Why do they have to go through seeing mummy poorly???
I have 2 kiddies 3yrs & 1yr and was dx 25th April age 25 :frowning:
Have had mastect and on 3rd lot of chemo on tues…have no hair (well bumfluffy stuff)
1 boob
sore veins
But still good looking :slight_smile:
And a VERY big smile that i plan to keep… This bc is harsh but i’m still here and have 2 amazing children & a fantastic hubby to be happy and thankful for…
I’ll also have a new pair of boobs this time next year…hehe…and will be back to my vain old self again!!
As the song goes… ‘I get knocked down, but i get up again…You ain’t never gonna keep me down’
Keep fighting and smiling ladies, don’t let this awful thing get you down.x.x.x.x.x.

Thank you all for replying - it makes me smile.

In a twisted way, am glad I am not the only one, but I so wish I was.

Lolly, I am ten years older than you, I feel bad for complaining that I am too young when you are younger.

I sent a text a wee while ago to one of my friends who was asking how I was doing, I replied “If I can love, be loved and smile, then life is not too bad”. I try to remember that always, bec our children do love us and make us smile everyday.

I want and I will grow old.


PS. I would like to keep in touch.

Hi K,

Thats the spirit we can let thing get to us or our kids. I’m 34 was Dx in dec 07 3 kids 8, 4, and 2. its hard work but doable and kids go get us through this as we have no choice for them.

i worry myself silly sometimes as i too want to live into a ripe old age and see my 3 daughters grow up, have kids. i am so lucky to have my lovely children and i too am nearing the end of chemo and the thought is frightening. i also have to take tamoxifen.

we have to be brave and strong for our little sprogs.

Take care

Hi Ladies

Just another member of your young mums club. I was diagnosed last August, aged 28. I have two boys who are 3 and nearly 2. This is such a lonely and rough road…and so unfair. It’s always the muggers and thieves that win the lottery and good mums like us that get the bum deal! Everyone has their own story but I do think that it is so hard when you have young children. Even as a ‘healthy’ person children are really tiring, but chasing two boys around a day after chemo is exhausting! I remember my breast nurse telling me to try to tackle just one job a day…“do the washing, cook a meal, or make a bed. Spend the rest of the day with your feet up…” Ha ha!

However, I also believe that this is the real beauty of children. They don’t judge you when you are having a bad day. They don’t turn the other way in a supermarket. They still want to rough and tumble. They always have a huge smile that always lifts your mood. They don’t give you the chance to rot away in bed feeling sorry for yourself. I honestly believe that my boys have carried me through my treatment.

I finished treatment in April - 3xFEC 3xTax, 20xrads and now Tamoxifen. Now I have hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and energy that I thought had gone forever. They are getting their mum back.

You are all so inspirational and we should be so proud of what we are acheiving every day. Lots of love to you all. x

I hate this situation.

I have temp gone AWOL from my friends, I just can’t be bothered txting them or calling them at mo. I feel like I’m losing control. I am trying to juggle all these doc’s appo9intment for me alongside the doctors appt for my little one - sometimes it’s too much.

K - the juggler!


I’m 44 with a 3yo and a nearly 6yo. Both are special needs - one due to behavioural difficulties/violent and stroppy behavour at school just starting to go down the aspergers diagnosis route, the other with global developmental delays and having speech therapy, portage and OT (only speech therapy has started so far). They’re not sure he’ll have caught up by the time he goes to school next year.

I finished treatment earlier this year but am still waiting results of my first mammo/us. The person who did it said it looked OK but confirmed my “glands” were up. I knew this, but I am worried since they have been up for 6 or more weeks now (since I noticed).

I have spent nearly 2 hrs at the hospital today, waiting to see the consultant, but had to leave without seeing the doc so I could get to the school by 3…

I have just started to feel a bit more perky of late but could have done without an extra week of stress.

Truly hope you’re not also in Southampton as those clinics are often really late.


I have been AWOL for quite sometime - everything got too much. So sorry for not replying earlier.

Mousy - how did it go? results? As to your children,I am in awe of you, my yougest also has global delays - it hurst at times. I am very grateful for my lovely portage lady, she is so fabulous…

So how are you all doing?