Anyone recommend an exercise/yoga DVD or book to help recovery

A read with interest that basic yoga and/or stretching can help with recovery as well as star of mind.  Can anyone recommend a DVD or book that can help/advise with this as I know that during Chemo your immune system is low so a trip out to a class may not be a goodnight idea? 

Hello Sue, I’ve just re-started yoga, after a long gap, and you’re right, not just good for the body, but also for relaxing the mind. Although I’m going to a class, there are lots of videos on youtube, so you could have gander through those and see if anything appeals. Wishing you lots of bendy time ahead. :catvery-happy:

Hi Sue,


Like Rubycat says, there are lots of videos on YouTube. I have been following a few by a lady named Adriene. She has a whole load of different workouts from total beginner to advanced, for physical as well as mental health and all at differening lengths to suit the time you have. I’ve found her yoga for lower back pain session has done me a lot of good. If you type yoga with Adriene into YouTube you’ll find her.


Good luck.


Ruth x

Thank you both for your suggestions, will definitely have a play around with YouTube - another new experience!

hi sue,
I regularly use an app ‘yoga studio’
I has a comprehensive range of classes for all levels including relaxation meditation.
It is well reviewed, demonstrated & explained & no trips anywhere!
ann x