Anyone refuse Chemotherapy and only have Radiotherapy/hormone therapy?

Has anyone made the decision not to have chemotherapy and go straight to Radiotherapy because you felt the side effects outweigh the benefits with low Predict percentage?  My oncologist didn’t seem too concerned about my pathology results even though I have macrometastasis in one node and my NHS Predict result was 3% (so borderline) and the only reason would be to avoid reccurrence.  I’m finding it hard to make the decision whether to have it or not?  Has anyone been in a similar situation and what did they decide to do?  I’ll definately be having radiotherapy either way.

Hi Celia Rose

My predict score for chemo at 15 years is also 3%… it’s puts my overall survival percentage at 84… I also had 1 node positive… I was advised to have both chemo and rads… so it was an easy decision for me…lwe probably have lots of other differences that mean your oncologist is happy for you to make your own decision.

personally I need to know that I have thrown everything at it that I can and if it does come back I will have no regrets.   When I had DCIS non invasive BC 4mm in 2012 I was told I had only a 2 % chance of recurrence…I was told radiotherapy would not be of any real benefit…yet even with those Small odds the BC still returned, this time invasive…I still wish to this day that I had pushed for rads…but who knows…no one has crystal balls…we can’t see into the future.

i have now finished chemo and rads and just started on hormone therapy…I have been left with peripheral neuropathy from chemo and an ectopic heartbeat for which I am under the care of cardiology…I am hoping neither will be permanent…but I just don’t know at present…so I understand it’s a big decision as chemo is very toxic…If I had to make the decision again based on what’s happened to me…I would still have it…i don’t think me personally could live with thinking…‘should I Have had it?’…but that’s me and I’m sure people decide not to have chemo and are able to park it and move on with life.

So you have to make the best decision for you…as long as you are fully aware of all the risks/benefits then you can make an informed choice that you will be happy to live with.  
I wish you well With your decision making

take good care

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