Anyone see the programme on ITV last night

…on Breast cancer,and getting the message across to young adults.It wad very good.However,writing this as showed a group of ladies checking them selves.I had a real bad moment as have no breasts,implants failed following double mastectomy,and on list for DIEP before the end of this year.I still feel low,am I being really daft?sorry to moan,as cancer free and extremely lucky.

Hello Jillybee,  No I don’t think you’re being daft at all, and yes, I did see the programme and thought it was very good too.


In my mind you’ve been going through a sort of bereavement, twice in a way as your implants failed, which must have been a real blow, and it’s very natural to feel low especially when something like that is shown. I thought all the women were very brave, baring all on TV - but they gained valuable insight into the correct way to examine their own breasts, which is a great tool for the future. It might not be done perfectly after just viewing, but I thought it would be a very useful programme to show in schools, with the aim of getting young women to examine themselves and get to know their breasts.


I felt a bit down during that part of the programme, having had a mastectomy just over 3 weeks ago, and only have a small mis-shapen breast at the other side - one LWE that proved to be benign in 2002 and 3 for cancer, because they didn’t get clear margins, in 2009, at a different site. The ‘down’ feeling didn’t last long with me, was suffering from a bad backache, the first since I had it half an hour after being admitted for my mastectomy, due to a very uncomfortable bedside chair, and I was concentrating on trying to sit up well in bed with my heated cushion.


Mind you, I get very slight, fleeting versions of the same feeling when I see well-endowed women in adverts etc, nothing lasting you understand. I haven’t decided whether to have reconstruction or not.


Anyway, not daft at all Jillybee.


Goodnight, I’ll be off to try to get to sleep again after my chamomile tea.

Gentle hugs, Jo.


PS I went to a bc support group on Thursday, very interesting talk on Iceland (country, not shop!) and talking afterwards with some of the women there was very interesting.  I was probably amongst the oldest there, but seeing women of all sorts of ages gathered together was fasinating - I don’t know anyone who has had a mastectomy, and to meet a dozen or so women all at once who’ve had them felt good.