Anyone starting chemo in December?

Hi Everyone,

Like most people on here my BC has been a real shock. Going from feeling happy, healthy and content to a dithering wreck minus my left breast within 3 weeks.  Life has been an utter blur but I started to climb out of the hole and began thinking about the future, getting back to work and getting on with life. Until yesterday when when I found out chemotherapy will be starting 2 December. I kind of expected it but how very scary when becomes your reality. I am trying to be positive about the treatment for my children but omg I’m crumbling inside. I would really welcome any advice about preparing for the treatment and how about the scalp cooling? 

Hope someone out there who can share with me. Love C xxx 




Hi there.
You put it so well! The last few weeks have turned everything on its head and I don’t think it has finished for me yet!
CT scan today followed by bone scan soon then chemo. I am expecting this to be early December too. There are a few of us on the recently diagnosed board who are likely to be starting soon so I will put a note on there.
On a positive note, my friend came round to see me yesterday. She had grade 4 cancer 12 years ago and had surgery then chemo then radio. Her cancer was not hormone receptive. She said that her side effects were not too bad at all and she continued to work throughout. No sickness and although she did lose her hair it grew back quickly, she even went skiing during her treatment! She has been cancer free since.
Personally I am not going to bother with the cold cap. It sounds quite painful and time consuming and as I have short hair anyway it doesn’t bother me so much.
My friend recommended lots of ginger so am sending husband out with his shopping list today - bio oil for scar and ginger capsules!
I’m sure that the waiting is the worst bit and once we get started then at least something positive is being done.
I am planning to try and work throughout treatment - I have to for my sanity as much as anything! Also I am desperate to start driving again!
So I will join you on the chemo journey if that is ok?

hi waiting

I was diagnosed a week ago and saw my consultant today, fully expecting to be given a start date - actually looking forward to having a start date so I can feel like I’m getting on with doing something! Instead  I was given another appointment to see the oncologist next week, and told I will have to have an MRI before the chemo starts. So more waiting! Everyone in my life has been so supportive - but I am beginning to feel like they will get bored of seeing me waltzing around as normal! This experience is such a roller coaster :frowning: I know what you mean about crumbling inside. I’m trying to put on a face for my son and my friends and work collegues but really I’m struggling with the feeling that I’m doing nothing! I’m sure once things get going I’ll want it all to slow dawn again lol

Good luck with your treatment. I hope you feel more settled once you get going xx

Hi ladies, thought i would just post about my experience with chemo because i can truely relate to how scared you are all feeling about the unknown. It really isnt as bad as you think its going to be, and trust me i was ready to run out the escape door when i was told that chemo was on the cards, even after the appointment with the oncologist and his advise i was still like err no i dont want this, but my husband said it needed to be done and gave me strength to go ahead, i was so worried i cried when i went for the talk with the chemo nurse a few days before my treatment started, such a wuss. But i did it. I’ll list my negative and positive points so you see it wasnt that bad, and once youve got the first one over you know what to expect, but youll be sitting there thinking whats going to happen when the drugs start going in but nothing happens so dont worry i actually sat eating my sandwhiches during treatment and even managed to fall asleep through one as its such a relaxing atmoshere, honest


Negative points for me were; lost my hair  (didnt want to cold cap) so that was expected but i kept most of it until week before my third treatment then i had it shaved off so i did well compared to most.

Heart burn


loss of taste

night sweats

And numb finger tips (but not until last chemo)


Positive points (oh yes there were positives)

being looked after by a fabulous bunch of nurses

having the oncologist at the end of the phone if i needed advise

having a quick pass into A&E if needed ( used it twice but nothing to worry about)

Having an emergency number on hand 24/7

not suffering from any form of sickness or nausea what so ever, ( i still took the tablets though because prevention is better than cure)

having lovely skin, yes all over from head to toe my skin was lovely clear and oh so smooth

having lovely finger nails they grew fast strong and nice and white

all the aches and pains i had in my body prior to treatment dissapeared

The heart burn was sorted easily with lansoprazole

the loss of taste only lasted a week lots of cold drinks helped

The fatigue always got better

i finished chemo on 3 september and my hair is already an inch long all over and it isnt all grey and curly like i i was told it would be and it started to grow back before my chemo had finished.

not having to shave my arm pits and legs at all

no periods

no constipation or upset tummy


so ladies as you can see its doable and my positives far outweighed the negatives and even they were minamul (probably didnt feel like it at the time but they really were)

please take care and really try not to worry

deelush x x 


Hi Deelush

Thanks for the chemo hints, that has really settled my mind. Got my oncology appointment on Wednesday, will then get my start date.

We will get through this

Hugs to everyone

Hi ladies
Well it seems that I will be in a similar situation as you all are starting chemo in December :confused:
I had a left breast Masectomy last week and am heal if from that well just Borden of not being able to drive or work. Wendy you take on the treatment is reassuring and like all very nervous and yes hate the thought of losing hair I am afraid to say very vein so having a false boob and no hair does make me feel a little blue but there again these are only temporary measures and better to ensure that every measure is taken to ensure all is clear ! Will be good to share experiences and again this forum has helped me do much over last few weeks !

Here’s to us December girls having minimal se and getting through this treatment successfully and quickly xxx

I agree! certainly made me feel a bit more at easy with it all thanks deelush xx off for relaxing soak in bath to easy the op area and then daily exercises to strengthen op area xx hv a good day allxx

Thanks deelush and Wp, , thats soooooo helpful.  probably joining you ladies,  attack plan tomorrow hopefully…unless they send me for other tests… o the endless dragging clock hands!


Hi waiting,  this is the place I come to howl at the moon too. Xxx the brave face is exhausting, but our families need it. Its so crazy to go from being 'the boss of me ’ to having no control over anything.  Women are so used to juggling everyone and everything this random meteor just wrecks us. Its amazing how sharing the load, even this one, helps strengthen us all.,

Xxxx sending love


Thanks ladies especially deelush. I had my picc line inserted on friday as I start my chemo tomorrow. Having the picc line inserted was ok but when I left the hospital I could not stop crying and this continued throughout the day and night. I was a WRECK and when anyone was being nice to me it would set me off again. Everything I’d been through must have caught up with me…like everyone else, I’d tried to stay strong for my children. Having chemo scares me as it does everyone but reading these posts has helped.
I made the decision not too use the coldcap a while ago as I get quite a lot of headaches and also losing my hair has been the least of my worries.

I read a post a while ago which said that she looked forward to having the chemo because each session she had meant that she was a step closer to getting rid of the cancer. I have not been able to find this post again but this is how I will try and tackle each session.

Take care everyone and hope you all stay strong xx

Hi ladies im so glad that my post is helping some of you feel less worried about starting your chemo, i wish i had found this site prior to all my treatment it helps wih lots of worries and queries and to know your not alone,

thought of another positive i forgot to lists ( ive added it onto my original post now)


No periods :slight_smile:


Deelush x x 


katherine62 perhaps you could edit your post reply to include the above “no periods” for me thanks .

Hi everyone,

Soooo good we all here to support each other and have a place to vent.

Sarahjane, I know what you mean about not driving. I still haven’t attempted it yet but planning to try next week but still have tightness in my arm an op area and it’s my left side. I was advised that it’s ok to drive 2 weeks after surgery when you feel like you can do an emergency stop. Errrm…not very helpful.

Like you, I cannot imagine loosing my hair but I know I will so I’ve booked myself in with Headstrong (nxt Fri) to get some advice. Details are on this site and looks like they kindly provide the service in most areas.

Keepmumsafe, agree getting stopped in our tracks really makes us realise how much we juggle and run around doesn’t it. I think us working mums are the cogs that keep the wheels turning. The wheels maybe turning a bit slow at the moment but the are still turning. Hope goes well tomorrow.

Take care December girls. Love C x

Hi Caroline funny about the emergency stop with driving they told me the same thing but my problem I think will be pulling the wheel round tight corners ! Had some nodes out as well so under arm very sore ! I had a look on site over headstrong there seems that there is not one to local to me so will be I interesting to hear what they hv to say if you could please share? I am going to do cold cap and anything else! Job for today is to book appt with wig lady I like to be prepared. Reflexology later so that will be nice and relaxing after no sleep due to some nutty woman shouting in the street at 2am! Well the sun is out is let’s all hv a good restful successful day xx

Hi Ladies, I was diagnosed out of the blue at the beginning of September, had a mastecomy within 3 weeks. A 8x7cm tumour plus a 2cm tumour and 26/27 lymph nodes - and I didn’t know anything about it. I had a reconstruction at the same time. I’ve had a port cath fitted for the chemo. First chemo 31st October with cold cap, terrible nausea for 5 days and headache, very tired. Hair loss from week 2 coinciding with infection - wound opening, IV antibiotics plus oral antibiotics. Chemo has been postponed for a week to let me recover so waiting confirmation for this Friday 28th.

I wish I’d found this forum earlier, I feel like the old girl, but only gone through one session so far. Really not lookiing forward to the next round.

I’ve tried on wigs, waiiting fo the final fitting as they didn’t have the right combination of colours and styles I dont think I’m a scard kind of persoh.

Good luck to all.  x

Sarahjane and Caroline, my surgeon told me to check with car insurance about driving and said it might be six weeks! I couldn’t wait that long as I have school run to do - I think I left it three weeks. Make sure you are comfortable with seatbelt - I used a little cushion for padding. I did a little test drive round the block, made sure I could turn corners both ways, swerve and brake suddenly. Most difficult thing I found was reverse gear and fifth gear because of the pressure in my chest muscle.
Don’t rush it - keep yourself safe, but independence is nice!
Good luck x

Deelush you’re an inspiration! Maggie, Sarahjane, Caroline et al, I’m right there with you. Waiting and the unknown is awful. Actually the chemo treatment itself is a breeze - you sit in a chair (with or without your cold cap) drink tea and chat to a lovely nurse as she gives you several syringes and a saline drip. I have a port fitted so no injections so didn’t feel a thing. It took several hours because of cold cap - which is the worst part of it. Take pain killers half hour before and have lots if layers handy if using cold cap as your body temperature drops. I’m still losing some hair - having FEC followed by taxane, some hair loss is inevitable.

I took a friend to look at wigs then last week when they got my chosen styles in the right colour I took hubby and kids aged 9 and 12 to help me make the choice - kids thought it great fun and I think it’s important to involve them. Having said that, I’m now thinking of going shorter (gone from long to bob already) to minimise impact of loss, so may have to choose another style!

For sanity I’m working from home a couple of hours a day (lucky) and returned to yoga 3 weeks after surgery - really good for getting movement back and some relaxation.

Take ginger for any nausea and speak to your nurse/ oncologist - they’ve altered my drugs and arranging for more drugs to combat side effects for next time so you don’t have to put up with it.

Finally, go out and howl at the moon if you feel like it, shout at the cat and punch your pillow - talk to friends, accept offers of help and try to smile (not easy!)

The only thing I haven’t found a solution for is my insomnia - any advice ladies?

Keep going. Dawn xxx

I have my appointment with my oncologist tomorrow so will get my chemo start date. I am not looking forward to it I must admit but feel better every time I come on here and read everyone’s posts. I either get reassured it might not be as bad as I think or it’s comforting to know that I am not the only one with the same thoughts and feelings.
Being strong for family and friends all the time is such hard work. If another person asks me how I am or your looking well, I will scream at them! But I won’t.
Head up, smile and let’s start the countdown 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1, chemo over… Might be a few months away but we will get there, we don’t have a choice so let’s try and do it with a smile ?


Been to see the oncologist today, good news, my full body CT scan was negative, whoop whoop.

Got a start date for my chemo, Fri 12 Dec, bring it on.

Here we go girls, let’s kick some butt!

Karen xxx

Hi everyone, great news about scans girls. Hope bone one ok today Maggie.You must be releived to finally have start date karen. Will be thinking of you tomorrow Dawn. Please let us know how you get on. Take care. Love Caroline xxx

Hi Maggie,

Have pm’d you . The chemo sounds standard but it’s a horrible shock if it’s not what you were expecting

Take care and we are all here for you xxxx

Hi Dawn, good luck for tomorrow I will be thinking of you & I’m sending u hugs. My surgeon is also a women which I find reassuring… The people who care for us are amazing and Im sure they do their very best for us. The lovely women on this forum are so supportive & like so many othetd Im getting strengh from here. I hope your wig is fabulous but hope you wont need it & the cold cap does a good job! Im going to get some advice re hair loss tomorrow. Pre chemo check Monday,then Tues will be my first one. I can feel a melt down brewing.
Maggie, sorry to hear your treatment such a shock. Sending you a hug.
Take care everyone. Love Caroline xxx