Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

I have an appointment with the oncologist on Thurs 2/7 to discuss my chemotherapy arrangements & wondered if anyone else will be embarking on this unwanted journey with me.  If so, perhaps we can hold hands virtually as we go through it?


Best wishes to all fellow travellers on the BC road.


Nico x

Hi nico

I may be able to join you,  have a week from today to decide whether or not to have chemotherapy,  advice is to have it but I have to make the decision. Aghh I am in a quandary. Life’s **bleep** ain’t it x


Nico I will be joining you on this horrible journey but as I have a holiday planned for 23 July starting as soon as I get back first week of August so will bump into this thread if you don’t mind. I’m having a pic line put in and it all sounds really scary. Going to go to the chemo suite b4 holiday to look around and talk with Ron, the very nice bcn so hopefully she will put my mind at rest. Benn given literature to read but the bcn said don’t read it unless you get any symptoms cos if you read it before hand you will think you have them all! Gonna try the cold camp and see if I can keep my hair but not hopeful so next stop wig shopping! Xxx

Hi All

I will be starting chemo in just 3 hours - a walk into the unknown regarding the side effects - hopefully none!! Going to try the cold cap so not sure how that will go but have read lots about it - maybe too much. Family and friends not always that helpful really because they can’t understand - “all you have to do is sit there with a drip in your arm”. Apparently my veins don’t look too promising so may have a PIC line instead - great. Will let you know how it goes.

Hi Ladies


Thanks Nico for starting this thread.  Starting chemo next Tuesday, 7th July and not sure what to expect.    This is my first posting but have been getting lots of helpful advice from this fantastic website which has given me reassurance and confidence knowing other people are on this roller coaster journey.  Fiday is chemo talk and a visit to the Unit so Tuesday hopefully will not  feel so daunting  Daughter home this week so we are going wig hunting;never thought I would wear a wig so should be a laugh. I am having Fec x 3 plus T x 3 followed by radiotherapy and Tamoxifen.


Sunny weather outside and so glad had my hair cut shorter.  Sending best wishes to all and I am here to join the virtual hand holding.



Hi Ros53 and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support you will find here, our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional for you on 0808 800 6000 and lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Sat

I am posting a link to further information and support from BCC which I hope you will find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi all just come back from work and seen how this thread has grown - hope It went well today Joyce and good luck for the 7th Ros - big hugs. Nico I’ve wanted really long hair for years but could only grow mine about 2 inches past shoulders - might go for the “lady Godiva” look but would obvious,y keep my clothes on - don’t want to scare anybody! Mind you long hair would be hot in his weather! Xxx

Hi july ladies. Technically had first Chemo yesterday but feel journey starts now. First diagnosed with DCIS in April then biopsy which indicated possible spread. Lumpetemy and nodes surgery end May. All clear aprt from being HER2 positive so chemo (paclitaxel with herceptin and later radiography) is the way to go. World not fallen apart yet but there have been tears but also lots of laughter. I am having 18 weekly sessions but no cold cap (my choice). No adverse effects from 1st cycle but Could have slept better last night if not for heat. Best wishes everyone. Ps I chose my name as Sperry I feel it is short for Sperenza the Greek goddess of hope.

Sperry - I’m HER2 positive too - was only expecting lumpectomy and rads but then told after op my small stage and grade 1 was HER2+ so must admit I did break down at that point.  Anyway onwards and upwards - I’m having 12 rounds of taxol, rads, herceptin and anastrozole as its also ER+.  Glad to hear it went well yesterday - very reassuring xx

Hi nico , I started my chemo last week Thursday. I’m on eribulin i went for my blood results yesterday to be told that 3 out of the four results levels had gone down . Did not expect this so soon, looking really positive. I had Breast cancer 2007 and it returned in 20013 to my liver and bones. In total this is my 4 th chemo and do not regret having it. Hope all goes well , All the best xx

Well that’s the first chemo done - unfortunately they had problems with staffing etc and I had to wait 3 hours before starting -not good. I had the cold cap and after the first few minutes I thought it was okay and will continue - I had to ask them if it was working part way through. Now to 3 days of drugs followed by 5 days of injections before the next lot in 3 weeks. No alcohol with one of the pills -what a blow lol

Yep, hello there I’m having my first lot of FEC on July 13. Met the onc yesterday. Mastectomy, single, left side was on 4th June. Not sure I’ll be at hand holding,virtual or otherwise but happy to give it a go.

Hi Carolec, wishing you a fantastic holiday.  It is something to look forward to and take your mind off starting chemo.  The waiting and thinking about it is sometimes harder than actually getting on and doing it.


Hi Joyce, how did the first chemo session go and what was the cold cap like to wear? I am going to try it and hopefully will not be too cold in this weather. I imagine it like a helmet!


Hi Sperry, hope your first chemo went okay.  Please let us know.


Sending big hugs.  xx

Good evening everyone

inspired by the courage here,  if I do decide to go ahead and have chemotherapy I know that I am not alone and will be able to get, and hopefully give support

sending you all my very best wishes

sheena xx

Hi Nico, how did your appointment go with the oncologist yesterday - do you know when you’ll be starting your treatment xx

Hi ladies, my first chemo was on 23 June but as my next has been delayed until 17 July I’ll be more in line with July starters so would like to join in with this thread. Having 3 FEC then 3 T. I’ve also had minimal side effects (touch wood). Sending virtual hugs to my virtual breast friends! X

Hi Hopefulholly, I should have started in July but will be a bit behind everyone as starting week beginning 3 August.  Good that you had minimal side effects and long may that continue.

Ros - good luck with your first chemo next Tuesday - I kind of wish I was getting going with it but I couldn’t miss my nieces wedding in Italy, especially as my girls are bridesmaids.

Joyce I’m also going to give the cold cap a go - not sure what good it will do me, but I will try.  I’m also having the picc line so hope its not too bad?  Why are you having five lots of injections - I’ve not been told anything about that but I have found they don’t twell you everything, maybe too much to take in?  xx


Hi All thought I’d join this thread I’m starting chemo on 10th July. 3xFEC then 3xT

I’m 29 had lumpectomy 16mm grade III triple negative, margins and nodes clear. Chemo and radiotherapy are my only options to stop recurrence so got to go with it. Had my hair chopped off today grateful for it due to the weather but haven’t had hair this short before! I’m also having zoladex injections to put my ovaries to sleep anyone else having this?

Glad to hear that Nico. It’s good that you are happy with your oncologist - I’m not so sure about my oncologist, although may be me being sensitive at the moment but he was a bit abrupt. It’s good that you’ll be able to celebrate your birthday before you start your chemo journey.
Hi Sperry - how are you getting on - we are having the same type of chemo but I’ll be about 4 weeks behind you.
Good luck next week Em1986 and to all those starting chemo soon xxx

Hello ladies, reading these posts makes me feel more positive and ready to face what lies ahead. 

Sheena - thinking about you this last week and wonder what decision you have made regarding chemo.  Please keep us posted and let us know after your appt - is it tomorrow? 

Joyce 11 - hope the lack of side effects continued and I hope I fair as well tomorrow.  At the chemo talk, we were told there are icicles on your hair afterwards and to bring a blanket, think I will need a hot water bottle or two! 

Hopefullyholly - I am having the same chemo as you - how long were you at the hospital and hope I too have minimal side effects. Any tips appreciated. 

Manicmum - love the i.d. name - diagnosis and chemo has come so quickly.  It takes time for you to get your head around it yourself before embarking on treatment.  You must feel it is all a bad dream.  Hope your first chemo went okay and you feel reassured that a treatment plan has now been started for you.  

Sending big hugs xx