Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

My boys are trying to get me to get a green wig like the archers on clash of the clans… My prescription came today so that’ll be the next thing to sort. I had my first chemo this afternoon so I’m waiting to see what happens next . ?

I Am due to have my first chemo on Friday but just wanted to ask your advice . I’ve been a bit under the weather over the last week with a stomach upset which had now cleared but I’m now suffering with a sore throat, aches and pains and headache which paracetamol/ ibuprofen isn’t shifting. Do you think I should mention this prior to my chemo and/ or do you think they may delay me starting if I’m not 100%.

Sounds AWFUL manicmum. Being messed around like that is too much as we’re going through enough! Mentally and physically preparing yourself for a procedure is a big deal. I had a port fitted yesterday and it was fine. I definitely opted for sedation though and even dozed off a bit. I also took beta blocker, proplanol for anxiety. Also I was expecting to have port in my chest but it has gone in under part of the top of my arm, half way between armpit and bend in elbow. It’s a new thing popular in Australia apparently as it makes a small scar so more hidden under arm. It hurts today and is quite bruised. 2nd FEC today. I’m dreading them taking my plaster off!!! Kobeobe yes I’m surprised how many of is are in 40s too.
Hi Joyce. I’m even getting dreadlocks now! Visible Hair loss localised to crown for now. Tricky to hide with hair. Hope everyone has a good day xxxxx

Hi all, I hope you’re all feeling good today. I had a rough night last night with nausea and a horrible headache and 2 hours sleep. Today it’s better, just like morning sickness. How long does it take till the nausea goes. X

Hi Joyce, thank you. Yes I’ve got ondansetron and dexamethasone and they do seem to be helping today. Mum has the boys so I Was wondering when I could get them home. Been out for walk with the dog so that is a boost. X

Hi Lovewine, thank you for coming on and for your advice :-). Il definitely be pushing for emend for next time as this is pretty grim at the moment. X

Hi Joyce, it’s not surprising having a bad day, no matter how we think we are prepared, it’s difficult when we start to lose our hair. I hope you’re feeling a little better no, it’s the shock I think. 


Fantasy, I too hate my hair, I’m shredding more hair than my dog but didn’t realise how much hair I have, it’s fine but there’s a lot of it.


Manicmum, sounds like you had a rough time of it. It’s very frustrating when things don’t go to plan.


Josie, how are you feeling now?


Gaynor, did you check with your team? Can you go ahead with chemo tomorrow? 


I’m due my second chemo tomorrow but, as nurse had difficulty finding veins for yesterday’s blood tests, my onc has warned that they may not get a vein for the chemo which may have to be delayed. Worse, I have to have a PICC line fitted next Wednesday.  I’m dreading this, not just the fitting but the thought of having this line in until October. I’m going to post in earlier chemo threads to get some advice / words of support. It’s silly really, I’ve sailed through 2 surgeries yet I seem to have developed a dread of the PICC!

Hi Hopefulholly, I hope you’re getting a good nights sleep and that your veins pop up tomorrow. The chemo nurse I saw said that if she needed a PICC line in, she would be at the top of the queue with her arm held out and she’s been a chemo nurse for 30 years.
My boys are at mums just now which means I can slob about and every phone call is about whether my hair is gone yet and what colour wig I’ll get - they do make me smile.
I’m sitting in bed with a case of the munchies eating oatcakes having had about 5 hours sleep now so feeling so much better at the moment, thanks for asking. Even if tomorrow is rough again, it just feels so good to have a break, x

Hi Gaynor, I hope today went well so far and the you manage to get a good nights sleep, x

Hi Mazzi, I hope today’s been less sore for you and that you have a good nights sleep and that you are able to be with your boys
Hi Gaynor, I hope you have been ok today, did you try the cold cap?
Hi Hopefully Holly - how did your chemo go - I hope they got vein - will you need to get a picc line?
I’m still feeling pretty grotty with headache and sickness - afternoons are better than mornings - just like being pregnant! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. The chemo nurse said they’ll reassess my drugs next time.
Take care everyone and have a good nights sleep, xx

Hi all, first chemo yesterday went ok, tried the cold cap did manage to complete my time but only after a wobble in the first 30 minutes went very dizzy and lightheaded and had some uncontrolled shaking but after a couple of warm cups of tea and blankets I warmed up and managed to complete fairly easily. No problems with cannula in vein and no real side effects so far (day 2) except couldn’t get to sleep last night so only dozed and a dry mouth I think from the steroids .Had a bit of a nightmare today with my bone marrow injection as Hosp forget to sent me home with it for district nurse to administer and had to go back to the Hosp pharmacy to collect it and then arrange for district nurse to come back . Anyway now awaiting to see if I get any side effects from this? Hopefully I won’t get the Big Bang tomorrow!!

Mazzi , if I don’t sleep to night as well I may well be on here with you although I hope your now picking up and will sleep better . I’m sure the boys will come round.

Sorry to hear about everybodys problems - we just have to try to keep going. My shower this morning with the weekly hair wash was like a horror story with hair everywhere and couldn’t wash it off!! Still going with coldcap on Wednesday but only if I have any hair left, on antibiotics due to insect bites and omeprazole due to severe indigsetion and heartburn. Can only get better.

Hi guys, I’m so sorry about your hair and how we are all feeling . It’s hard to keep the eyes on the reason and hoped for end result. I’m still so sore today and have had to give myself a huge shake - which has helped in the end as I am coping better.
Please don’t be offended , Joyce, but I do now have a image of someone dancing with the Hoover attachment as their hair floats from them to it and it did give me a much needed smile. Did anyone see the Facebook video of the dad sorting his daughters long hair into a ponytail using the Hoover?
I phoned the BCC helpline this morning just to speak to someone as I didn’t want to bother my family or GP and it really helped just to tell someone and lady was lovely. Lack of sleep is really kicking in for me and she said that many women get some help with that just for a few days. I’ve decided to see how tonight goes and phone tomorrow if I’m still only getting a couple of 2 hour sleeps. Even making that decision makes me feel a wee bit more in control.
Take care everyone and be kind to yourselves, xxx

Hi all, hope everyone’s doing ok and sending big hugs to those not feeling well.

I thought everything was going well not too many side effects then Friday got a sore throat! Felt pretty terrible Saturday with throat and achy legs so phoned chemo ward who suggested I see a GP so called 111 and they made an appt at a&e for me to see urgent GP. They saw no signs of infection and temperature was fine! Hasn’t gone away and got a phone call back from my chemo ward checking up on me and they said that I should have bloods taken at the very least and possibly antibiotics so back to my own GP I go tomorrow! Just hoping this goes soon as I don’t want to have my next chemo delayed which is next Friday so frustrating!! Xx

Hi everyone, not been on here for few days but sorry to see how many of you are struggling.


I had my second FEC on Friday but took 3 hrs instead of 2 cos of my veins so now I’m welcoming the PICC line on Wednesday, not dreading it!  


Ditto with hair loss but I feel much better about scarves now. I was about to order expensive scarves but rmembered my extensive collection of scarves, went on line to find tying instructions and spent a comical hour learning how to tie them, with funky results! Saved me a fortune, just need to buy couple of cheap skull caps for the scarves to fix to.


In the process, I tried on a ‘fashionable’ turban but my boys said I looked like I should be on my knees scrubbing a half-moon on the doorstep as some of the older women in my village still do. To top it all, I use 24 hr lip stain but, probably due to the treatment, most of it comes off apart from the middle of my top lip, I honestly looked like Hilda Ogden (for younger readers, she was a famous character in Coronation St.) ! It gave us all a good laugh and reminded me how important it is to keep a sense of humour, not always possible, but a good belly laugh is a great tonic. Take care and best wishes everyone.

Hi guys hope you don’t mind me poking my nose in but I saw my name mentioned ?
FEC-T or T-FEC are the same drugs but given in a different order (not a clue why or if it makes any difference) basicly it’s 3 cycles of FEC & 3 cycles of T aka docetaxol.
FEC makes you feel sick
T you lose your taste buds (for me everything tasted of salty soap?) and on about day 4 to 7 you feel like you’ve been beaten up with a baseball bat.
Your secret weapon is water, drink loads of it around 2 to 3 litres the day before, the day of and the day after chemo.

Take the anti emetics they give you - in fact take everything they give you, now is not
time to brave it out!

For the T as some of you are aware you take the steroid the day before, the day of and the day after chemo - with the steroid tale you carry on taking them for a few more days reducing the dose each day - for me it worked like a miracle cure.
I had my last dose Christmas Eve 2013 - I have almost lost the 3 stone in weight that I gained during treatment, I have a full head of hair which is now highlighted as it came back a bit salt & pepper, thin and curly so that I resemble a mop head each morning & have to wash it daily but I’m not complaining as the slap head look did nothing for me lol.

I have now had a reconstruction to the mx side & reduction to the other to match and best of all I’ve just had my 2nd annual mammo all clear ?

It’s rubbish for you now but it’ll be over before you know it.

Take care x

Apparently cannot go away as there is an increased risk of infection and wuld have been 200 miles away from home with my twin sister - so cannot go according to chemo unit - so now even sadder and hitting the wine.

Next year will be a year full of breaks and holidays I have decided.



Oh Joyce, I’m sorry. I hope you can find something nice to do so that you can remember this bit as a positive wait.
I was looking at out local hotels ‘high tea’ with delicate smoked salmon sandwiches and lovely cakes and wondered if it might be my week 3 treat. Can’t see my farmer hubby there though…
Mazzi, I hope things are a wee bit easier
Manicmum, will be thinking of you over the rest of the week
Rachelr , thank you so much for popping in - it is so good to hear from people who have made it through. My gp really didn’t want to give me anything but I have been using heat, gentle exercise and everything I can come up with so I’ve 30mg cocodamol for tonight.
Hopeful holly, I hope you’ve been not too bad since FEC on Friday and that your picc line goes well tomorrow. And thank you for the smile - I hope you’ve not been scrubbing doorsteps though,x
I’m currently wearing a foam doughnut round my neck as my gp thinks it will help my shoulder and neck pain and so the headache - it’s just lovely…and my boys will be ending themselves tomorrow if I’m wearing it when they come home. I’ve also just ordered a cheap purple wig from Amazon to make them smile. My youngest says he’s moving out when my hair comes out as it’s just not right for a lady to have no hair - the charm of an 8 year old!!
Take care all,x

First chemo today. Wasn’t too bad a first but now have a massive headache, hot flushes and feel a wee bit sick. Hoping this will ease off. If it’s doing this to me I hope it’s battering those cancer cells! Lol glad to be able to be part of this lovely group. Good luck all x

Hi Miarose, look after yourself and keep drinking,x I had a teapot filled with ice beside my bed so that I always had a cold drink and listened to an audiobook and music the first night. I hope you sleep. It does improve.