Anyone Starting Chemo Next Week ????

Hi, I am to start chemo next thursday, just wondered if anyone else starting next week and are you too feeling anxious, I know I certainly am, Initially I was told 6 sessions but since my results came back on my tumour looks like 8 Sessions…

Love Teresa x

Hello Teressa

Just some words of comfort it isn’t so bad any side effects are manageable, you will be given meds to help if you have any, the nurses are wonderful, and the cycles of treatment do come round very quickly,

It’s only natural to feel anxious it’s the fear of the unknown I too felt the same,my last one is the 24th; all the best and do let me know how you are.

Ann x

Hi Teressa,
I start mine on the 22 Feb, have known for over 2 weeks now and am getting more nervous by the day. Went and had a wig fitting today, was ok then cried all the way home, as it really hit home that it is really happening. All the best for your treatment.
Liz xx

Hello everyone. I am starting chemo on the 24th february and Herceptin on the 25th. I know just how you all feel. I am having a bad day today . The tears have come back I am so worried.

Me too - chemo and herceptin, starting 23rd - have found the tips on other thread very useful, so getting ready, looking at wigs etc, nurses also been in touch. Having wobbly times but thinking of the end of treatment - good luck everyone.

Hi thanks for all your lovely comments, I´ve been close to throwing major woblys today, I found myself so angry, to have this evil disease, but me and OH sat and talked rationally and feel a little better now, a glass or two of wine would have helped but cant as visiting vampire in the morning!

Love Teresa x

hi everyone, im starting my chemo this wed 17th,im not looking forward to it getting more nervous by the hour!its just not knowing how you will feel afterwards,listening to you teressa does reasure me a little , i think once ive done the 1st maybe the others wont be as daunting. will let you know!!hope it goes well for everyone else . keep in touch maisie. xxx oh im also trying the cold cap hope its not to uncomfortable !!x

Hi Maisie, please let me know how you get on, I will be thinking of you, post as soon as you can, Don´t forget flat ginger beer and ginger biscuits take them with you.
Good luck, Love Teresa x

Hi Masie,

Good luck with your chemo. I start Chemo on the 25th. 3x FEC and 3x Tax. Good luck to all who are starting in the next week and i will be thinking of you all.

Love Louise xxxx

good luck for tomorrow muffet and masie i hope all went ok for u



I am having my first chemo tomorrow too (thursday 18th). I don’t feel nervous and think I must be in denial! I just want to get it started so I am a bit closer to it being over. But I know we are all different and there is no right or wrong way to feel.
Good luck Muffett and I hope you are doing ok Maisie.
I’ll stop bye tomorrow evening if I am feeling up to it … how weird to say that when I haven’t been ill in years!


Ok I was in denial. I got quite emotional when they started the injections and wasn’t the super woman that I had pretended. Then felt crap all afternoon, vomiting continuously. But today I am fine, so hopefully will remain so. Plan to go back to work on Monday but having an ultra lazy day today.

I hope that everyone else who started their chemo this week is doing ok. Thinking of you


Hi there everyone
Just wanted to wish you all the best with your chemo,those of you who are starting or have had the first one.
I had my first tax yesterday after three fec and at the moment, all seems to to be okay.

You will all get through this and come out the other end much stronger and able to deal with anything!

Strength and best wishes to you all.

naz x

Hi I started my chemo yesterday, the worst for me is feeling like ivé drank 4 glasses of wine, OH just gave me my injection, not too bad on that, also taken my other cocktail of drugs, i have gone off tea with milk YUK !!! So black tea for now.

Very woozy headed, and very tired although woke at 2am this morning and didnt go to bed until 7am, I had stomach cramps all night then I was sick at 5.30am but felt a little better afterwards.

Oh is anyone else suffered with face swelling so early after chemo, my cheeks are swollen and flushed but no temp?

Take care all,

Love Teresa xxx

Hi Theresa

Just dropped in to say that the flushing and face swelling are caused by the steroids. Once you stop taking them your symptoms should disappear.

Also you say that were sick. Tell the chemo nurse at your next session and they should alter your anti-sickness drugs. There is no need to suffer any more than necessary. There are plenty of drugs to try and I’m sure they’ll find one that works on your sickness.

By the way, I was diagnosed in Aug08, mastectomy and 7 months of chemo E-CMF, and now just on Tamoxifen.

Take care.

Jackie x

Hi thanks I will check on my next chemo session, Unfortunately living in Spain I don´t have a chemo nurse, well I can contact the chemo unit on a Thursday as this is the only time it´s open… Maybe I should do this next Thursday.

Love Teresa xxx

Starting on Wednesday so had lunch out with family today. I had given up wine since 13th Jan when I had mastectomy. I have had red wine twice sincce the mastectomy and each time i felt really unwell as I did today. I really am going to stick to my guns and drink lots of water. I had 4 pints last Wednesday when I had a scan and I felt so well it was unbelievable. I read somewhere that water really gets you through the chemo. I also read that sucking mints during the actual treatment prevents a sore burning sensation in your nose. It’s all worth a try. Good luck everyone as we step into the unknown.

Hi all,
I’m starting my 6 FEC tomorrow the 25th. My kitchen cupboards are full of ginger nuts, laxatives and gin. I’ve got a wig, a wardrobe full of lounge wear and a thermometer in the bedroom. I’ve said goodbye to everyone at work for quite a while today and I’ve taught my teenage son how to use the washing machine.
Am I sufficiently prepared? What have i forgotten?
Really hoping to share the journey with you guys because I thinks its going to be a lonely journey.
I wish you all luck and some laughs along the way xx

hi Wriggly, you’re a few weeks ahead of me, only got tratement plan yesterday, Happy to “travel” with you. I’ll await the responses you get with interest. Only thing I can think of at the minute is lots to drink ie water not the gin, before during and after.

Lots of good wishes


Welcome wriggly and lynn, I only started my chemo last Thurs so not much ahead of you!

Plenty of suckable sweets, the taste can be horrid, started more or less immediatly with me, certainly that evening.

well done with the laxs you may well need it although ivé just cleared my lounge through FARTING… Me and my OH were in fits of laughter, as Mum´s don´t do this sort of thing!!! My 21 yr old son was horrified, I just told him to live with it, I have too!

The water take lots with you, this will certainly help.

Good luck for tommorow,
Love Teresa xxx