Anyone starting herceptin in New Year???

Just wondering if anyone has the added fun of herceptin to come? I’m starting mine this week, with Tax (does the fun never stop with this disease?!)


sorry just seen your post.not on the same treatment prog as you but have started on the herceptin path -have had surgery, FEC chemo , rads an on hormone ongoing and hey ho hereceptin. Am 4 sessions in and apart from the 'flushes’it has been much better than I thought. My prob has been the receiving of it rather than the stuff itself. I have had ongoing issues with needles an veins and so every 3 weeks endure upto 2 hours of attempts to secure a line - once there its fine.Sopos itive so far - have no5 next week with heart / ECG checks which are niggling at the back of me mind so will let you know. Good luck with yours - keep the faith.
Its making us better.


Hi there
I am about to start herceptin with weekly tax. Don’t really know anything about side effects. Have just finished 6 x FEC. Ok so far…
x sarah

Sarah, mine is three weekly, so can’t be of too much help. It does seem to be much harsher than say , FEC for example. Think any side-effects from the herceptin get lost in those from the Tax! Tracey

Im starting herceptin and tax on the 18th and 19th January. Mine is 3 weekly but they are doing the first dose on different days so they can monitor the side effects

hi tsr, i have been having herceptin since may 2010.half way through it now. not had any problems so far. i am sure you will be fine like me. good luck.yoyo.


Another one to add to your list - just finished 6 x FEC and about to start Herceptin (first next Tuesday) and Tamoxifen (don’t know when, but soon).

I know that ignorance is not bliss but I’ve been lazy in researching these drugs and effects as I’ve been basking in the post-chemo glow :wink:

I started herceptin with the tax and so far have had 2 lots of each…no idea what the se might be as each may be either or! I will know more when I keep having herceptin after tax finishes!
My daughter is on herceptin and says its ok!

Just done Herceptin 10. PM’d you xx