Anyone starting rads in February?

Hi Kyra

Reflexology sounds wonderful not sure if they offer that at my hospital, I was offered counselling but thats all at the moment.

Good luck on Monday with the first rads, I’ll be thinking about you, please let me know how it goes.

Freezing here in Kent, but lovely and sunny with beautiful blue skies, mind you these days I tend to think that every day is a beautiful day even when its raining.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies.

phillippa x

hi Purdey13 - yes it does change - both the surgeon and the onc said I would have three weeks plus 4 booster shots because they couldn’t get good clearance near the chest wall now i’ve just started rads and NO booster shots are required because the radiologist has assessed my case ! based on “educated experienced” said the nurse. but would have liked to have discussed it lets hope to god their right.

hi ladies,

any room left for me at the back of the bus ? :slight_smile:

i had WLE and SN on new years eve, clear margins and no lymph involvement. i am HR+ and have started on letrozole - had my planning last friday and start my rads on monday 8th of feb.

i’m down for 15 zaps, was originally told i would have boosters - but it seems like i won’t now.

am not looking forward to it but can’t wait to get started and get it over with. started slapping on the aqueous cream today!

can’t wait to get back to ‘normality’.

gill x

Hi everyone, i have my rads planning appt tomorrow, not sure when they are starting but i am sure i will find out tomorrow. Im attending clatterbridge hospital but fortunately only live 10 mins away, i would hate to have to travel too far.
good luck everyone with this next hurdle
Debbie how exciting, chemo nearly over, such a great feeling, well done.
take care


Yes, starting rads at Mount Vernon tomorrow too! (1st feb) x

Hi, It will be great to get this last bit done wont it? Trumpet do you have planning tomorrow or have you had planning? Im just wondering how soon after planning the rads start?
take care

Hi All I have started 15 sessions at Southampton general. Four last week and due to finish on the 15th Feb. So far not too bad. Bit sore and very stiff on mx scar . Is this normal? Will ask when I go again this pm. Staff are all very supportive and couldn’t be more helpful. Due to start Herceptin on Friday 5th Feb. Bit apprehensive about it. Love and best wishes to everyone.

Hope planning appt goes well today Anna and good luck trumpet for your first one. Mine is 5.30pm this evening and I think I mentioned its an hour each way - be so glad to get this last bit over and done with (even though still on herceptin til Oct).

love to all you rads ladies!

Hi everyone, i have to have a 5week course of rads, dont have any dates yet! I had breast cancer 6 years ago and had a mastectomy followed by chemo, i was on tamoxifen for 5 years. i went for an appointment with my breast cares nurse and was told i could stop taking tamoxifen and mamograms every 5 years. just what i had been waiting for “the all clear” but it was not to be 15mins and 2 mamograms later i found out i had bc again! just had a mastectomy in dec and im having a reconstruction. (got 2 implants in and have to go every 2weeks to have fluid injected in to stretch skin)I need to have 5 week course of rads but have no dates yet. I coped with chemo last time not sure what side effects you get from rads but i will fight this all the way and am determined to get that all clear that i have been waiting for :slight_smile:

Hi All - Really pleased one week of rads out of the way…First day found the whole experience a bit scary - didn’t like the fact I could see myself in the machine above me with green & red lasers bouncing all over me! Felt like an extra in Holby City! But doesn’t hurt just a little uncomfortable - skin seems ok using plenty of aqueous cream as advised. Hope your first week went ok too trumpet1 (& all who started this week) - the staff at Mount Vernon have been brilliant a & have met some lovely people in the waiting hubs…

Enjoy the weekend.


Yes, first full week of rads done at Mount Vernon. They are so good, no waiting and really quick! Wish chemo had been as organised! Hope everyone is doing ok with them! Keep slapping on the cream! xx

Well done Trumpet, I have also just completed my first 5 at Addenbrokes, Cambridge. No issues, lots of waiting about, but appears the norm. Journey doesn’t help me either. Just gritting teeth and getting on with it. Monday will be fun, herceptin first at one hospital then 2 hour journey to other hospital for rads! What a joy, but hey, if it makes me better …

Hope you are all doing ok and as Trumpet says, keep slapping on the cream (it’s a bit like goose fat!!!).


I start rads on 24th Feb at North Middlesex Hospital. I start Herceptin on the same day. So long day at the hospital on that day

hi all,

i was due to start rads next monday - but had a call from hospital on thursday to say they had had a cancellation for yesterday if i would like to take it.

so i did, soonest started etc!

it was fine - journey is a bit of a bind though - but i have been given good appointment times.

can’t stand the smell of the aqueous cream lol!!

luckily my hospital is ok with the use of certain deodorants, as i was a bit concerned on the ‘smelly’ front :slight_smile:

gill x

Hi all

Had my planning meeting this week and my CT scan, all was a ok, I start rads on the 18th. Large pot of aqueous from Boots to slap on and some vests with support (cheapest in BHS by the way) as suggested by the nurse.
I’m seeing the breast care councillor on Monday and have been told I can have some complimentary therapy as well if I want to. I have been told no deodorants and no shaving!!! Have you all been told that as well as I can’t bear the thought of hairy armpits for three weeks???

Have a good weekend ladies

phillippa x

I’ve got my planning on the 10th, has a bone density scan yesterday, want to start rads as I feel secure knowing it zaps “things” but it’s half term the week after so won’t mind so much if it starts the week after, would feel awful with the kids off and tied down with hospital everyday

hi phillipa,

my hospital are o.k. with the following deodorants - biosen, crystal and pitrok.

biosen is the cheapest and i got ot at boots.

i am allowed to ‘de-fuzz’ but only with a battery or electric shaver - no razors!

gill x


CT scan 11th feb to start rads 25th. Feeling very nervous again. Life had started to return to normal after 2 wle’s in Nov and Dec. Now it feels like it’s being taken over again. Not sure what to expect, I intend to carry on working (part time) while having the rads - anyone know if this is possible?

Good luck to all the other febs!! Roll on Easter!!

I have scan on 9th and start treatment on 19th. will be glad to get it out of the way!

Hi hsf I am hoping to continue to work part time fingers crossed.