Anyone starting rads in February?

Dear All

I’m starting a new thread as my rads aren’t starting until February and the lucky ladies on the Jan thread will have finished theirs by then.

So is there anyone out there like me who is waiting for it to start and feeling just a little apprehensive?

I’m very lucky in that my bc was found in the very early stages through my first mammogram, I have DCIS and had two ops in December(well three if you count the large haematoma that I had after the first one)and everything was clear after the third op. So I am now waiting to start the 3 weeks of rads as from the 18th Feb, so would love to hear from anyone at the same stage as me and hopefully we can support each other through the weeks to come.

love Phillippa

Same first line…

I’m very lucky in that my bc was found in the very early stages through my first mammogram…found 5th nov, one op on the 11th dec. grade 1, 2.2cm, trace found in lymph node so I can expect rads to armpit as well. I get to meet my oncologist tomorrow for the first time…assume rads will start soon after…oh and then it’s “just a little pill” for the next 5 years…

Hi Tally

No one has mentioned the little pill yet to me, I’m assuming I’ll have to take it as I’ve not started to menopause yet.

I’m seeing my boss tomorrow to let her know how long I’m likely to still be off work, she has been great about everything but I know how busy they are and need me back there, but by the looks of it I’ll be off until nearly the end of March.

Hi Phillippa,
Theres a few of us coming up to our last chemo next week and due to start rads at the end of feb or beginning of march so will be lots of us here going through it at the same time hopefully!
Karen xx

Hi Phillipa

I start 19 rads on 1st Feb. 2 ops, 8 chemos, herceptin, tamoxifen and rads, so for me rads are the last major hurdle. My trip to hospital is 60 miles round trip so it will be fun! Just what it over and done with now.
Good luck

I haven’t been told when I am starting rads, or how many fractions I’ll be having, but I think it will be in the next few weeks…

Good luck everyone!

Hi I am having a second op on fri this week I have dcis but i was told it was contained but worried they may discover more when it is analysed. I will be starting rads but have not been told when yet but I guess it will be in feb! sorry I’m new to all this. I will also have a daily pill but not tomoxifin I thought that maybe because I’m the great age of 60 ‘AWW’ that was difficult lol I still suffer with hot flushes. Love Linda

Hi…I,m starting my rads at Clatterbridge end of Feb early March. For me it’s a 70 mile round trip so have heard it’s not so much the treatment that makes you tired, just the travelling! I,m just glad I finished my last chemo yesterday and by this time next week should be feeling better and can try to look forward for once.

Hi Linda

I had the same as you and was just as worried as you are at the moment. During the first op they removed the cancerous part of the milk duct - when I went back two weeks later I thought I would be told that I was fine. Only to have the surgeon say that there wasn’t a clear enough margin and I would need another op. My partner and I were devastated as we had never considered that this might happen. I don’t even remember going home afterwards. I called my Macmillan nurse who said that I had to have trust in the surgeon and that if he hadn’t thought he could get it all this time then he would have suggested a mastectomy straight away…but even after this I still worried and have to admit that the 7 days waiting for the op were the darkest ones I had. I had the op on the 15 Dec and on the 20th Dec we found a message on the answer phone from the nurse saying that everything was now clear so I should enjoy Xmas!
I suppose all I’m trying to say is try to have faith in the medical staff and if it’s contained as mine was then you will be fine. They took quite a lot of the left breast but it doesn’t look that bad - the surgeon even managed to leave me with what looks like a ‘smile’ where the scar is :slight_smile:
Please let me know how you get on after the op I’ll be thinking about you.

Phillippa x

Hi Janey

A sixty mile round trip…you make me feel guilty as I only have to drive about 10 miles to my hospital and you have gone through so much more than I have.

Please let me know how the first few rads go.

Take care
Phillippa x

Like you I was diagnosed after my first mamogram. I had surgery to both breasts on 18th December. They got it all first time but I’m not starting rads until 24th Feb. Seems an awful wait. Had my planning appointment today and it was freezing in the room, i was shivering by the time they started the second breast. hope it’s warmer in the treatment room.

Still we can keep each other company though the treatment.


Hi all, I have my last Tax (hopefully) on the 11th Feb and my rads planning appointment is the 22nd Feb, so I should be having my rads early March.

I was initially told that I would have 6 weeks rads and have now been told I will only have 3 weeks as research has shown it is just as effective? I have to take the onc’s word on that I suppose.

Am glad it’s for a shorter time as obviously will be over with quicker.

Good luck to everyone. Debbie. xx

My planning appointment is on the 10th feb so should know start date soon…also have a CT scan on the 5th for bone density…I really hope I’m good and dense…:slight_smile:

Hi rads ladies

Will let you know how Monday goes. I will be ticking them off!


Hi Phillippa

I am starting Rads on the 1st Feb at Mount Vernon - which is approx 40 mile round trip.

I was dx on the 2/11/09 after a routine screening. Had 3 suspect areas and after 15 biopsies was told one area benign. Then had SNB op followed by lumpectomy. Then a bombshell when told the same as you that there wasn’t a clear enough margin and I would need another op. Finally got clear margins 30.01.09…

Started Tamoxifen soon after had terrible SE but eased off after about 2 weeks with the help of an amazing gadget called a Ladycare as recommended by some ladies on BCC.

Anyone else having rads at Mount Vernon?

Best wishes to all.

Hi Kyra


Good grief you poor woman, I thought one in each boob was bad enough!
I’m not sure why I haven’t been started on Tamoxifen yet so thats another question for Thursday if I get a chance after my CT scan. Haven’t heard about the Ladycare will have to look that one up if I need it.
Had my hair done yesterday and was talking away to my lovely hairdresser about all the tests etc (she had asked me to tell her) only for her to say at the end of it that she has to go for tests as she recently found a lump so wanted to know what to expect! She’s only in her late 20’s so I am praying that they don’t find anything.

My rads will be at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital from the 18th Feb.

Phillippa x

Hi Phillippa

I’m on tamoxifen as cancer is hormone receptive - your cancer may be triggered by other causes so you may not need hormone theraphy. I’m sure your BCN should be able to help you over the phone. I’m not sure why the doctor took 5 biopsies from each suspect area but one of the areas (chalky deposits can’t remember tech term!) was almost cleared by the biopsy itself I think.

I have just had some complimentary theraphy - reflexology. It was heaven but I couldn’t believe it - after all thats happened over the last 3 months I have (nearly) always managed to get through it without too many public tears. Then today I ended up all emotional because something nice was happening to me at the hospital! Apparently it happens a lot - thank goodness for that! Really can’t wait for my next session (they provide the tissues!) which is in March after radiotheraphy…

Hope your hairdresser has good news…

Enjoy weekend all.

Good luck to all of you about to start radiotherapy. I finished mine on Monday (15) and although a bit tired and tender, I’m ok. My skin has remained intact and have been applying lots of aqueous cream. I was lucky as I live close to the hospital so the daily appointment was easy. Hope those of you with a journey too and from the hospital cope ok.
Started Arimidex on Tuesday so waiting to see what happens with that.
Best wishes

Thanks for your kind wishes Alison and info re rads (glad yours is at an end now) - the support on this website has been and continues to be invaluable.


I’ll be starting rads sometime in Feb, awaiting planning appt. now.
I was diagnosed with recurrence in June 09; had WLE in July - couldn’t get all clear margins because of unusual situation of lump - recurrence was post mx; chemo from Aug to Jan (FEC x 6); started tamox but will discuss removal of ovaries after rads, in which case will go on to letrozole.
treatment at Freeman in Newcastle
hope you are all doing OK,
Jayney and all Monday starters, hope things go well
monica xxx