Anyone suffer pain from the chemicals?

This is my 12th day since first FEC, I’m a “missing lymph” so only have one arm for a pincushion.
I had severe vomiting after the treatment and suffered some more cannulas on following day for alternative anti -nausea and re-hydration fluid.
At first I thought my arm was just bruised, but it didn’t fade away and neither has the pain. My arm hurts from wrist to just above the elbow and is reddened. Everything hurts; muscles, tendons, bones etc.
I went back last week and it is not infected as I have no other symptoms.
I am now taking stronger pain killers and anti-inflammatories but not noticing much improvement.
I am wondering if the initial vomiting which stopped me from drinking lots of fluids also prevented normal dissipation of the chemicals, and the subsequent needle damage may have allowed some fairly undiluted chemicals to seep into my arm.
Has anyone else had a similar experience?

My forearms are sore in muscles and tendons and hurt when I straighten my arm as well. I have not had the redness tho. Hope it gets better.

Have you spoken to the chemo department? They should be able to reassure you

Hi Clunkshift

My arms and the veins have given me problems all the way through chemo!!! I have developed cellulites twice in both arms (they had to use my surgery arm at one point because my good arm was so bad). My veins continue to react to the chemicals and become very swollen and red and painful, this only happens in my arms though.(have spent much of the time on anti biotic s).
The good news is I am due my 6th and final FEC today, and I am praying a good enough vein can be found to get this all over and done with.

Good luck

Kim x

Hello Clunkshift

Not to put a downer, but my “chemo arm” still ached a year on so be patient. They said to me that FEC was like having Domestos run through your veins! That said I led a very hectic life throughout as I was busrting with energy and when I had Taxotere wasn’t terribly different except for a day here and there.

A year on and they still struggle to get a good vein for blood letting - it can take some of us a long time to heal.

All the best

Hi again clunkshift

Forgot to add the important info chemo is very doable despite all the problems and side affects along the way, and if I can do it anyone can.

Wishing you all the very best on your journey.

Kim x

Good luck with your final chemo - hope you have all the flags out ready for your return!

Thanks Quisie

Feeling nervous but also cant wait to get it over.

Kim x