Anyone taken Slippery Elm Bark Powder or LifeMel Honey?

Hi everyone
I’ve just started chemo again for liver secondaries and have heard that Slippery Elm Bark Powder can help prevent having a sore mouth - I’ve been prone to these in the past. Also I’ve heard that LifeMel Honey can help your white bloods during chemo. I’m having 5FU on a 3 day pump, together with Navelbine 2 weeks out of three then 1 week off.
Would be great to hear anyone who has experience of either supplement, or even the chemos.
Many thanks.

Hi Carol2000

I’ve been having FEC 3rd one due next Tues and have been taking Lifemel Honey each day. Don’t know if it has made any differance but haven’t felt ill no tiredness to speak of. With regard to white blood cells had to have a booster injection before 2nd chemo so dont know if they help those but my way of thinking is its not doing me any harm. There is a thread about Manuka honey somewhere that might help.

Take care
Caz x


I finished chemo last Dec then had surgery, radiotherapy & am on Arimidex & bisphophonates now. Although different chemo etc, I take slippery elm tablets for heartburn/acid reflux as I suffer from that now, never having had it before . Recommended by health food shop & just chew a tablet when I need it - works a treat so I swear by it! Taste a bit like I imagine sawdust would if it was in tablet form.

I’ve recently started on Manuka honey - have it on toast rather than neat - as it is supposed to help with immune system. Also going to try echinacea liquid. When I was on chemo I had a Neulasta injection the day after each dose & it worked v well. I got it automatically but understand this is not the case everywhere so was v lucky. I only got a cold a couple of weeks ago - first one for over 18 months before I was ill.

Good luck


Apparently you are not supposed to take Echinacea while on chemo. Be very careful what you take…some herbal stuff is good, some do interfere with the imune system and reduce the effect of the chemo. Elm Powder is ok, and so is LifeMel and Manuka Honey so far as I know. For example, I was prescribed by the Nutriotionist Probiotics tablets, but my Oncologist does not feel comfortable me taking them hile on Chemo as it contains live bacterias and it can be harmful when you white cells are down.

I hope this helps.


Hi all,

I agree with stylish that we have to be careful to support and not undo the work being done by the chemo. I take Manuka honey, with my oncologist’s blessing, but our unit warn against probiotics - so none of the nice yoghurts for me at the moment.

Like you lizcat, I get a neulasta jab, not because I’ve had any problems with blood count, but to try to bring the blood count up quicker and so reduce the length of time that I suffer with my mouth (I’m on taxotere just now). Don’t know if it was that or the 2 mouthwashes or the manuka honey, but last time my mouth did improve more quickly.

I have no experience of slippery elm, except that a friend took it last year and swore by it - guess I’m just a bit conventional and dubious.

Don’t know if any of this is any use Carol, but best wishes!



Thanks stylish - I’m 12 months after chemo now and am only just thinking about the echinacea. Didn’t make that clear !! My bcn said it may be worth giving it a go now as I’ve had the gap between treatment & now - wouldn’t touch it last winter.

I have always asked the oncologist & nurses about whether certain remedies are ok and am fortunate in that they are open to using natural things round here and are all really helpful with recommendations of suitable ones for my individual cancer.

Off for more slippery elm tablets today ! Morrisons have the Manuka honey strength 10+ on offer at 7.99 a big jar til the end of Dec if that’s of any help to anyone.


I took LifeMel and it did seem to help keep the blood counts normal - until i caught a really nasty cold when my blood counts went haywire. I think things were compromised by the stress of trying to cope with agonising side-effects, so my system was on a low.

The onc. nurses encouraged me to take it, and I think they were right that it did help on the bloodcount.

lifemel didn;t work for me - and it was very very expensice - love FB xx

I think anyone taking Lifemel has been well and truly conned. I bought one lot (against my better judgement) It didn’t improve my white cell count and I think the people marketing it must be laughing all the way to the bank.

i agree topsymo and they should be punished for it … let me think … how about a nice chemo/radio/operation cocktail ?

love FB XX

PS that wasn’t very nice was it ?

Thanks everyone. I did buy two jars of Life Mel and started taking it in Nov when I restarted the new chemo regime. I was really surprised when 3 weeks in I had my bloods done and yes you’ve guessed it I was neutropenic - with very low white cells, just as bad as when I’ve had previous chemo and no honey. Think I must be the same again this week because my mouth is so very very sore!! Got blood tests later today so that’ll confirm. Looks like I’ll be having my Christmas dinner in a liquidiser!! LOL. Mouth is the worst it’s ever been for some reason. Needless to say I won’t be ordering any more Life Mel as my bloods haven’t been any different!!!
Luv Carol xx