Anyone taking Venlafaxine?

I’ve been on Tamoxifen for 6 years now and have always had problems with hot flushes at night time. Last May the oncologist suggested I take Venlafaxine to alleviate the problem. It has helped and although I still get hot flushes they are so much milder and I’m getting more sleep.

However, since tkaing them I’ve noticed the weight gain. At first I thought it was my eating habits and have cut back and increased the exercise, but nothing works. I’ve only just begun to think it may the the drugs.

Does anyone else take this and have you noticed an increase in weight?

It seems as though I may have to decide between a decent night’s sleep or being able to fit into my clothes!

Hi Valentine

I have been taking Venlafaxine for depression for a number of years. I think it probably helped me through my bc treatment which finished just before Christmas 2014. I didn’t realise that it helped with hot flushes and inproved sleep. I am taking Anastrozole and suffering with hot flushes and often wake at 4 am and not able to get back to sleep.

I would say that I did put on weight before I had bc but hadn’t put it down to the medication. Since starting my treatment last April I have lost weight but I still take Venlafaxine. I hope this helps.