Anyone tried a 'chillow'

I’m on Femara and suffering hot flushes and night sweats. Has anyone used a chillow to help at night-time? If so, what did you think of it? How long does the coolness work?

Interested in opinions before making the investment so any comments welcome.

I’d love to know too as I’m now on Tamoxofen and have a soaking pillow everynight.
Thanks for any advice

Not got sweats get. I use a neck buddy to cool me down whilst drumming. It has really helped to cool my hot breast after rads. It keeps cool for days. The bit next to your skin eventually matches your body temperature and then you turn it over. Quite cheap on ebay

Hi there, one chillow fan here - and have commented on a few previous threads on this topic. If you type ‘chillow’ into the search option on the front page of the forum it should pull these threads up for you.

My BCN actually gave me one when I mentioned my hot fliushes and night sweats (NHS, central Scotland) so it’s always worth asking…

Quite expensive £25 - 30 depending on model and supplier (Amazon or Ebay worth a look) and a bit of a faff to set up (pouring in water, waiting, rolling, unrolling) but I have been very pleased with mine. When I was bald after chemo it was too cool, but put inside a pilloow case on top of my real pillow was fine. Now, I find it keeps me a bit cooler at night and I sleep better. Not,e it doens’t stop the sweats but it does make them more copable. I am such a fan I bought a second one!

They squash quite small and are light so can be stuffed in a bag/case if you are away.

A few people find they leak, but for most they’re fine.

Tried the neck-buddy - not so good for me as I don’t like things round my neck (I blame this on being born with the umbilical cord strangling me!) but it’s quite nice to lay acorss my hot forehead at night.

Hope you find what suits.

Take care and ‘stay cool’ (says she having a Tam-induced tropical moment as she types)

oldandlumpy. Can we have a reminder please?

I got one yesterday!! Currently on chemo and having sweets and hot nights!! Loved it last night - coooool!

I had one and loved it. I used to put it in my pillow case at night, so had a cool spot to put my head on all night.
Of an evening when I was watching TV, I used to have it on my back between me and the sofa.
Ended up buying another one for my son, as he loves to be cool at night, and he kept pinching mine.

I have one too and it is v cold, which is great, but I find it very hard and usually wake up (at least having HAD some sleep!) with a very stiff neck. Anyone got any ideas to remedy this?

I’ve had one for 4 yrs now and think they’re a godsend even though I do heat it up and have to wait for it to cool down again. As OH and I sleep in different rooms (so much better for both of us!!!) and I have the king bed, I put the chillow on the other side of the bed and as I am so used to it now, I grab it to lie on in the middle of the night. Originally I had the normal larger one but then I got the smaller one too which I use and can alternate between the two sizes. The smaller one is ideal for travelling.

Wouldn’t be without my chillow!!

Great comments, really useful, thanx everyone.

Another fan - had mine about 18 months and no sign of leaking . Made a small pillowcase for it and now keep it at the side of the bed. Like lizcat also have my own room (no way am I going back, LOVE my own space) and so can just throw it onto the bed when needed. Took mine on holiday to Portugal last week, drained it as much as poss. and refilled on arrival. Made life much more comfortable. Highly recommend.

this is the link

I actually used 2 Chillows when I went through menopause…one on my pillow inside my pillowcase and another one near my feet. I didn’t keep my feet on the Chillow all the time, but when I got hot and sweaty in the middle of the night, I found that cooling my feet in addition to my head was very helpful. Have been on Arimidex for 4 weeks and so far no hot flashes - hope that continues! but will definitely use Chillows if needed! My daughter used to put hers in the refrigerator for a couple hours before she went to bed…

i loved my chillow but after a yr i needed to fill it up again and it was never the same and the water smelt inside and it says you have to throw away then
couldnt afford to replace

Tried woll pillows from M and S? £25 each so not an easy decision but they have worked for me… help keep you much cooler at back of neck

I tried a chillow but was not all that impressed.

My very best buy has been an electric fan which I have on a small table by my bed on a level with my face - and often leave on all night.

I can’t remember how much it cost but it was worth every penny.

I have a chillow and a neck buddy and love both of these. I leave the chillow at the side of my bed and only use it when I need to so that I dont get used the ‘swimming pool effect’. I also have a small electric fan at the side of the bed but would not be without the chillow. Took the neck buddy on holiday to Cyprus last week and was so glad I did.

I use one for my face and one for my legs, BUT the best strategies have been 1) junking the memory foam mattress for a conventional one and 2) taking 35mg of venlafaxine every morning, as recommended by the breast clinic. My GP and I were both sceptical about it but IT HAS WORKED. Hardly ever a hot flush now - result!!

One came in the post last week, from my Beastie. I love it! I’m really pleased with it.