Anyone tried Carctol or zeolite?


Just wondering if anyone has tried Carctol or Zeolite? or seen Dr Rosy Daniels in Bath?

Any info be greatly appreciated.


Zippy :slight_smile:

Interested to see your posting re Carctol. Surprised there is no other mention since at least at one point there was some publicity about it.
Well I took it myself 3 years ago when I had had recurrence of lung cancer - had chemo then decided to do my own thing. Once used to it I felt well and I really don’t think it did any harm but of course don’t know how much good it did either!!
Trouble is the diet you have to follow - very restricted since the aim is to alkalise the body, so no acidic food - eg only bananas papayas and figs in the fruit line. I didn’t find it too hard - the problem is preparing an ordinary diet along side for others!
Does it claim to help bc sufferers?

Hi Sarcath

Im intrigued - hope you dont mind me asking - what happened with the lung cancer? where are you know? has it slowed, gone or? (sorry to ask this - just wondered) Agree the diet is so boring - but not much transition for me as was vegan anyway - just my love of tomatoes is so hard to give up!!! Although I have read a few days ago that Soya is bad as mimics oestrogen! so confused by that one! as have oestrogen pos. bc. and although I know its a phytoestrogen - i thought it was ok! Gonna still keep with soya dont have a lot of it just twice a week or so!

I also am suprised there is no other mention of carctol on here, or zeolite. Did you manage to get your body alkaline? Do you keep the diet up? Im havent read any claims re: carctol for breast cancer - just cancer in general terms - but just thought id give it a shot!

Rachel (Zippy) x

I have been doing some research on Zeolite and the testimonials i have been reading have been quite impressive as people have claimed that it has helped eliminate the side effects and also reduce the size of the tumor to where it no longer exists!
Interesting stuff, i think im going to try it but am going through chemo at the moment so i may have to stop before i have my treatment and then start it a few days after.
I have lung and liver secondaries so at the moment anything that can help im considering.

Anyone else tried Zeolite?


Hi Zippy

Only just seen your reply! Sorry!
Well the lung cancer seems to be holding off at present but as to whether the carctol had any effect I would not like to say. The LC was diagnosed August 2002 and I had a lobe removed. Then it turned up in a subclavicular node in 04 and the onc was very gloomy in his predictions but rcommended chemo to ease the symptoms which were quite drastic by then - no voice , difficulty swallowing and so on. I agreed to go on a trial using Thalidomide (yes the same) plus the chemo. To me it was miraculous but a scan showed no sign of the node and my voice came back. I can’t remember now exactly when I took the carctol - definitely after the chemo. I know I thought things were going wrong again and there isn’t much more they can do for LC ( it really is the poor relation in Cancer treatment ) I know I waited ages for a scan ( 6 weeks ) and as long again for the result. This is when I took matters into my own hands thinking I had nothing to lose. As I said above I did feel better in myself while taking it but the scan came back all OK so who knows?

I would warn you off soya - I was already avoiding dairy because of my chest - so went wholesale for soya products which I learned to love. Now I believe this caused or at least contributed to my Breast cancer.

AS for alkalising the body, I don’t know. I had the testing strip and only rarely did it go beyong average/neutral. And I was rigorous in the diet.

I can’t help feeling that by now if it really did a lot of good we’d be hearing more of it in the press. It is expensive. At the time, with my prognosis ( months ) I really felt there was nothing to be lost. I don’t feel inclined yet with the BC to go down that road. There is so much more treatment for BC than LC I don’t know what your status is. I didn’t go through DR Rosy Daniels but her (then ) new associate - of whom I did not think much.

Anyway I do wish you well with everything


Sarcath - thanks for reply! good to know that you got back on top of the lung cancer! Ive got lung and spine secondaries from BC, had rad on spine and lung ones very small so just on arimedex (4 and 7mm size) with a scan end of march to see if arimedex is working! (fingers xd!!!)
Wish you well too! :slight_smile:

Hema - Not sure if i am allowed to mention this on here but for info i get zeolite from ‘the really healthy company’ there are 2 makes, ones called ‘znatural’ the other ‘Waibo or something like that!!’ the first one znatural is about £23 a bottle and the other ‘W’ make is about £33 per bottle and they are the same just sourced from different areas as I understand but double check this wouldn want give wrong info! depends how many drops you take - but a 15ml bottle i find gives approx. 450 drops. Hope this helps!! Im like you not sure if it works or not, the info on it looks good, so giving it a go!!!

Rachel (Zippy) x

Thanks Zippy i think im going to give Zeolite a go too. The post that i have read on other sites they have all mentioned the W product so i think i’ll try this one.

Let me know how you get on. But there is one thing whether i should be taking it whilst on chemo or stop before and the start a few days afterwards, not sure if you know any info?


Hi ladies,
A therapist friend of mine told me about Zeolite but when I looked into it on the internet it was a very worrying.
Apparently it gets mined in Turkey and in the town where it comes from there are unusually high cases of Mesothelioma(cancer of the pleural lining around the lung).You get Mesothelioma from asbestos!!
I was shocked by reading this because my Father actually died from Mesothelioma 10 years ago.
It seems that the web sites giving out the information about these so called healing products are the ones selling them,so you really have to do your research and not take as gospel the first thing you read.
Tread carefully,


Wow, lots of interesting discussion here from my point of view!

I changed my diet completely and took loads of herbs and supplements when I was diagnosed with bc (2 and a half years ago). I contacted Dr Daniels and got the Cancer Lifeline Kit - it was expensive at £150, but it helped me hugely to cope with everything.

I did not take Carctol but I did take Salvestrols on Dr. Daniel’s advice, and I still take them. My oncologist asked me to stop taking everything during chemo apart from vitamins. When I asked why, he said the chemo drugs could be “flushed out” of my body by some herbs. So, that made me think how powerful herbs could be. I stopped during chemo but started again afterwards.

I followed the alkaline diet throughout treatment, and though I’ve added many acidic foods back into my diet I definitely make the effort to pack in as many alkaline foods as I can handle, and still drink loads of herbal teas and still water. Alkaline is basically any kind of green vegetables!

I still avoid Tomatoes, citrus, alcohol and other common acidic things. I try hard to limit dairy to small amounts of organic pasteurized cheese. I hope that by sticking to organic, I’m avoiding estrogens and anti-biotics given to the animals to increase yield.

I use oat milk, almond milk and rice milk instead of dairy or soy milk.

I try hard to stick to organic chicken and wild fish and occasionally I eat lean organic beef.

I did not take Zeolite because to me it sounded too weird.

I still take a lot of supplements, I’m very lucky I can afford them. I take them at a different time of day from Tamoxifen, to help avoid any potential interaction.

In no particular order, I take: Salvestrols, milk thistle, ginger root, tumeric, grape seed extract, bromelain, vitamin D, time-release B vitamins, allicin (garlic), prebiotic, probiotic, pau d’arco, cat’s claw, selenium.

I drink a lot of Yogi teas, especially “Detox” which is delicious and contains many of the herbs that are in essiac tea. I drink tons of green tea - mixed with peppermint so it tastes nice.

I also cut way down on sugar, and I’m using agave syrup as a sweetener - the claims are that it has a low Glycaemic index, meaning that it is released into the bloodstream more slowly. (I cut down on sugar when I read that cancer cells use it the way normal cells use oxygen)

From what I’ve read, It’s difficult to find “scientific proof” for herbal supplements, because no one wants to finance the double-blind research that would be needed. Some people say that because natural ingredients like herbs cannot be patented, pharmaceutical companies are not interested in financing this research because they won’t profit from it.

So, natural therapies are called “complimentary” and reports about them being beneficial can only ever be “anecdotal.”

All I can judge by is my own experience, and according to that I’m healthier than I ever was before bc! And I actually enjoy figuring out what to eat and what to avoid. I’m just about to start making my own ice cream, using vegetarian gelatine, Oat milk, bananas, coconut and agave syrup. So no dairy, no soy and low fat too.

And for anyone who really loves Tomato sauce, there are two products you might want to try:

NOMATO - this is a vegetable pasta sauce with no tomatoes! It’s a bit bland but I add oregano and garlic to it and it’s good. I’ve found it in health stores. If you ask in a health store they might order it.

ASDA Mixed Vegetable Puree sauce - this is supposed to be for kids, it’s part of the “Good Stuff” ASDA range, comes in a small jar and is next to all the other pasta sauces. It tastes really good yet it is only 20 percent tomatoes! The rest is carrot and red pepper puree.

I mix the ASDA and the NOMATO together to make lasagne - I use pasta sheets made from brown rice (avoiding wheat too!) and I pack loads of alkaline veg in, including finely chopped broccoli which has a “meaty” consistency. I allow myself a bit of low-fat organic mozarella in this.

I’ll let you know how the ice cream goes!



The proper name of the low-tomato sauce mentioned earlier is “ASDA Great Stuff tomato pasta sauce with pureed vegetables”

The only person I know who tried zeolites found her condition worsened rapidly and took herself off it.

Hi Buckwheat

Fantastic to hear about your diet :slight_smile: it makes me feel better as am doing the same diet basically.

how is your c nowadays?? ive got my next scan in a couple of weeks so it will be good to see whats goin on. i generally feel like you, better than i ever have done! and my family and friends are always amazed at how well i look! i always forget im ill!!! and the bonus is i dont pick up bugs or colds much - (altho havin said that my stepdaughter is really poorly at the mo with sick n d bug so i hope i dont get that now i said i dont get ill!!! )

will ask health shop about the nomato sounds good! wonder if it would work in chilli? miss my chillies.

The only thing i didnt like readin is about the sugar - i am addicted to chocolate and eat between 8 squares and half a bar of the big bars of 70% dark green n blacks everyday or there is a new one out now by a different make which is even better. but it does concern me as it must have a lot of sugar in. so maybe i ought to cut that out.

just goin back to rosy daniels diet - do you test yourself on the litmus paper? if so what is your reading? mine is generally 7 i think it is - i can never seem to get it blue, only occasionally. but i know when i first met rosy it was 5-6 and was light green so my diet definitly has got more alkaline.

wished id bought the lifeline handbook at the time - but couldn afford it - and finally last week realised i needed bit of help and saw a hypnotherapist who was amazing and has helped me feel better in myself even after one treatment!! wished id done it before. but i feel its a similar thing to the lifeline handbook to get in tune with yourself etc etc. i also have acupuncture once a month and reiki (free!!! ) once a week so they both help me too.

how did the icecream go?

Rachel (zippy)

Hi Rachel/Zippy,

About sugar, I know how you feel, I have a wicked sweet tooth. For me cutting down is also to lower diabetes risk. Just do the best you can without depriving yourself. I use fructose (fruit sugar) and agave syrup whenever possible - both are meant to be “low gi” so they release more slowly in your body. My local ASDA stocks agave syrup, next to the sugar and sweeteners. I’ve also seen it at Tesco, so at least it’s fairly easy to find. Fructose is too - Holland and Barratt.

Also during treatment I used (organic) molasses - again, lower gi than white or brown sugar, plus all the lovely minerals. Basically molasses is all the good stuff that is taken out of sugar when it’s refined.

About chillies, me too, love them. But they are acidic so maybe just use enough to get the taste? Also chemo can make you more sensitive to hot foods. I learned this the hard way - ate a spinach and chickpea curry during chemo months, and the next morning my lips were swollen to trout size! Combined with bald head and no eyebrows, I was quite a sight! Was scared until I realised it was probably the chillies - swelling went away over a couple of days. But I stayed off all hot stuff after that, and now I only have it occasionally - I definitely notice the change when I eat acidic, especially in my skin which goes spotty. Same with alcohol. So my skin is my barometer now.

I did use litmus papers until I learned which things are alkaline and which acidic. I was happy with dark green. Blue is hard to achieve except with broccoli - or mineral water with a very high ph (Malvern still water is the highest I’ve found).

About the lifeline kit, I think you can just buy parts of it rather than the whole thing. The meditation cds are really good, there are different ones for preparing yourself for chemo and radiation, others for staying healthy after treatment. I had regular reiki, found it very calming, and the healer refused to take any money from me.

For a few months after treatment I did not get any of the colds that everyone around me got. A friend suggested I might be so full of chemicals (from the chemo) that no virus or germ would dare to get near me! But this past winter I got the gastric flu and a bladder infection. I think over the winter I worked too hard and pushed myself too hard, hence immunity was weakened. But fine again now!

The icecream was ok, but I need to keep experimenting. Was trying to keep it no fat, so it came out more like a sorbet than icecream. My second batch was coffee (decaf!) and it’s delicious but again not creamy. Next time I’m going to try half oat milk and half oat cream - higher fat but at least it’s vegetable and organic.

Have you tried Salvestrols? Like all supplements, Salvestrols have been criticised and praised. But I swear by them, and I plan to keep taking them forever. Expensive, but I reckon I’m worth it.

It’s all about balance, isn’t it? Eating is such a pleasure, it shouldn’t be scary or dull. So allow yourself some chocolate etc but balance it with green veg and lots of water.

Glad you are feeling better after hypnotherapy!