Anyone tried the brand Tillomed tamoxifen?

Hi Ladies. I am trying to find amother brand following Teva being discontinued. My pharmacist mentioned Tillomed which I haven’t heard of before but she said it has been around a couple of years. Would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried it especially if you have taken Teva in the past. Thank you…xx

Hi Poppy, I’ve not tried or even heard of that brand, but I’ll be interested to read any replies as I too have had to change from Teva. I’m on Wockhardt at the moment. It does seem a very individual thing, I’ve heard mixed reports on all brands (except Teva!) 

Evie xx

I was given Novofen in place of Teva but experiencing severe hair loss. I am not sure if it is due to Novofen or the accumulating effect of tamoxifen. My doc is clueless how to solve the hair loss issue. Seems no one else is taking Novofen and complaining of the same issue. Feeling very sad and angry. 

Hi, yes I have tried Tillomed after being on Teva for over 3 years and it has been the best I’ve tried so far, with the fewest side effects ? sadly my joy was short lived as the chemist no longer stocks it so I’m having to try various other brands now in the hopes I can get another one that suits me ?

Morning all.


Re Tillomed, I was prescribed this rather than my usual brand (Wockhardt) a few weeks ago.  I started taking it about two weeks ago & I’m afraid am having horrible side effects.  Bad joint ache (I haven’t had this for some time) & absolutely black depression.  The only other brand to do this to me was Teva which again I had to take for a couple of months.  Hopefully you’ll cope better with it but it clearly doesn’t suit me.


My prescription specifies Wockhardt but pharmacies don’t really seem to care - especially when I used to pick up my prescription from Tesco.  They used to hand out random brands, changing virtually every month.  I’ve now reverted to Boots, despite the fact that it’s much less convenient, & apart from this latest batch of Tillomed, they seem pretty consistent.  I’ve got Wockhardt again after this batch of TIllomed so will revert to them with a sigh of relief.


I’ve been taking Tamoxifen for almost exactly four years now & it wouldn’t take much to make me stop taking it :-(  I wish pharmacists would realise that each brand has its own specific side effects.  Not easy for us all is it …