Anyone under 35 no chemo

Hi ladies,

Hope you’re all doing ok

I was diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer last year and had a lumpsectomy followed by radiotherapy.

I’m just having a bad day and wondering if I should of had chemo (my oncologist said no and took the decision away from me) I suppose now all treatments finished I’m reflecting and I don’t see many young ladies who don’t have it…anyone else out there at a similar age?

Best wishes to all xxx

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Hey @gems1 ,

Hope you are doing well xx I am 30 (was diagnosed at 29) with hormone positive, her2 negative cancer. Mine was grade 3 which the oncologist told me is why I was offered chemo. Perhaps yours was a lower grade?

I am sure the oncologist took lots of factors into consideration such as the size of your tumour, the grade of the tumour and also any other health conditions you had. They always want to do more good than harm. What I learned aswell is it isn’t just the oncologist making the decision, the treatment plans are decided and agreed by a multidisciplinary team of oncologists/surgeons/breast care nurses/pharmacists, so they all would have agreed your treatment plan was the best one for you.

I bet is probably nerve-wracking when you see others offered chemo when you weren’t, but take it as a positive that your team didn’t think it would add benefit to you xx

Aw thanks so much lovely.

Just having one of those days I think! I don’t want to sound ungrateful, of course no one wants chemo but of course I don’t want it back more so really doubting everything

Mine was grade 2 and stage one (13mm), I suppose we have to trust our team’s. I just went down doctor Google route and that told me age was a prognostic factor but surely my team would know that

I hope you’re doing ok, thanks for replying xxx

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Dr Google also told me age was a negative prognostic factor which does worry me, but I also found contradicting evidence too which showed little difference between younger and older patients. One of the reasons they gave that younger women had a poorer prognosis was because apparently we are less likely to take the hormone suppressing drugs properly/more likely to miss doses. So I try and take these properly at all times, it’s all we can do I suppose! Sending you a hug and completely understand where you are coming from xx

How far out from diagnosis are you Jess?

I feel like I have been doing ok and only hitting me now really

Sorry to be gloomy on a Sunday evening! Hopefully wake up feeling better tomorrow

I really do appreciate you replying, it does help xxx

I am really interested in your post. I want the Oncotype but my team have said it’s not necessary. I am a little older at 42. My tumor was Er+ Pr+ and her neg and grade 2 ,it was 12mm and lymph node negative. I thought I would be offered the Oncotype according to criteria I have seen on the NHS . Do you know what grade yours was?

I was diagnosed in June just after turning 37 and my cancer is hormone positive. I am having chemo followed by radiotherapy and hormone treatment and later on my other breast will be removed but I tested positive in a fair few of the lymph nodes and I have BRCA2 as well.
I am grade 2 lobular cancer and had a single mastectomy and auxillery clearance in August, if it hadn’t been in my lymph nodes I’m not sure they would have gone down the chemo route :woman_shrugging:
I think all we can do is keep asking the questions we need the answers too and to persist until we have the information we need.
I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have off days! It’s a lot to process and wishing you all the best.
I’m going to a younger women together course in March, have you looked into that? It might help x x

Hi @eb13, very similar to you actually, grade 2. I was also told the test was unnecessary.

I guess it may have been clinically and I know it’s very expensive but I think it would have offered a lot of reassurance.

They decided to use Predict and decisions were made from that

Thanks @Tabby-Lou, I’ve actually spoken to oncology and asked for an earlier appointment to discuss. At the moment I’m scheduled to see them in 3 months time to see how the hormone therapy is going.

Wishing you all the best too xxx

It sounds really similar. I just would like the extra reassurance as well as I feel like there is an extra piece of information that I am being denied.

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Fingers crossed for you and that you get the appointment x

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Thank you, you’re all so lovely :heart:

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I hope you get the appointment and they give you all the information you want.