Anyone use the Diaphragm (Cap) as Contraception?

Hello everyone!

I finished chemo in June and rads in Sept 2008 and had a “normal” mammogram in January.

Before chemo started I had the DepoProvera contraceptive injection. Oncologist said I can go back to using this but I chose not to because:

  1. Just because my BC was not hormonal on this occasion, I don’t want to give my body any more chances and

  2. After all the heavy chemicals they pumped through my system last year, I just fancy giving my body a bit of a break… not including WINE obviously.

Not wanting to take hormonal contraception means I won’t consider the Pill or IUD either.

My question is: Can anybody tell me anything about the Diaphragm (Cap) as a method of contraception?

My understanding is, women have to be measured/fitted for one so I suspect I have to see my GP - or can I go to my GUM clinic as I don’t like my GP so much? All my friends are either using the aforementioned things that I don’t want, or trying for a baby which I never want, or single and using condoms to prevent STIs as much as pregnancy - my partner and I have both been screened years ago and “being careful” spoils things for both of us one way or another.

The Pro’s and Con’s would be most welcome!


I got one, you have to be measured and it was quite amusing as no - one seems to use them these days and I had to see two nurses stripped from the waist down, well I was, not them at the family planning clinic. The nurse was very enthusiastic so that helped. the instructions said you could use it when you had a period but I have very heavy ones at least I did then, and you had to leave it in for eight hours after sex.

As a result of this, I developed the worst attack of cystitis I have ever had and that was the end of that.

I have now got the mirena coil, it gives out small amounts of hormones but lessens periods considerably and you can’t tell it’s there.

On the downside, the first one I had moved, the strings disappeared, and didn’t work on the heavy periods so I had to have it taken out and a new one put in. So in some ways it wasn’t ideal either. The new one hasn’t given me long term problems although I did have low level bleeding every day for about six weeks after it was first fitted.


Hi, thanks for replying. what a Kerfuffle! I think I might re-think sterilisation. I AM a planner, but not even someone as organised as me fancies having to remember when 8 hours is up (did whoever invented it assume it only gets used last thing at night, hmmm?) My mum always told me horror stories about people she knew who had an IUD, almost dying from eptopic pregnancies. I’m sure they’ve made them safer in the last 20 years but I’m still scared. I wish I weren’t so nervous about going back on the Depo, but I am.
I’m not looking forward to the menopause either :frowning:

Hi Clarabel34,

I am considering sterilization too. Was on the pill foer many years then had bc . i do not want ant hormonal method, hubby will not have snip and is reluctant to use condoms. Men!! io have 2 children and do not want , afford or have the energy for any more so need to think about what to do.

I am 43 this year, periods have started back irregular at momment , i finished chemo in may 08 and rads in sept 08, had SNB and lumpectomy and am hopefully ok at the momment.Awaiting first mammogram , do not need tamoxifen etc.

I do not really fancy another op ? if you have to be put under for sterilization, maybe wait abit longer and look into sterilization…

Best wishes let me know what you decide


I used a cap for years with no problems at all.It has to be fitted but I found it easy to insert and remove and I never had any pregnancy alert.It is not as invasive as a coil,you are in charge unlike condoms and of course you are not interfering with your body’s working like the pill.I used it exclusively from when I was 30[last child born] till menopause at 49 and would recommend it unreservedly.

Not sure why I am drawn to reply to this as I’m a nearly 60 year old lesbian.

But not alwasy postmenapausal and once hetersexual…well more than once:

I did 25-30 years ago use the cap (having been on the pill ) and actually as contracepion goes really got used to it and liked it. I did think ‘yuk’ when I first considered using it…fiddling around with creams and leaving it in for 8 hours etc. But somehow quickly got used to it and found it much pleasanter than condoms.

I did once have an embarrasing situation at work…in a cubicle decided to take cap out…flicked it out…my period had started and blood spattered all over the cubicle walls…the cap went spinning under the cubicle door into the waiting area. I froze in horror in the loo, realised no one was outside, ran out, rescued cap and spent 10 minutes cleaning floor and walls…

oh what a lovely trip down memory lane you have given me…seriously though give it a try and see if you can live with it!

best wishes


Jane caught this before I logged off and really had to laugh-they are slippery little beggars arent they.It takes a lot to raise a smile since I broke my leg-I seem to spend my time railing against life in general and trampolines in particular-but you did it.
Love Valx