Anyone using hair straighteners?

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone is using hair straighteners to tame their curls, and if so, which ones?
I am told that GHD are by far the best, but are £99.
My hairdresser used a pair of TIGI on me tody, and they were fine, at £35.99 (but would have to buy online).

Any ideas?

p.s hair straighteners are a must as i have very very curly hair!

I used them when my hair was shorter and they worked but my hair was still like a straight thick blanket!! it looked a bit weird!

Im pretty sure you’ll get lots of advice as many of us are afflicted by curly hair. Altho i am 1 yr 2mths past the end of treatment and my hair is curly, shoulder length but its loose and wavy not like the afro i had!

good luck

That means that by July, i will also be one year and two months since the last chemo, but i will no way have shoulder length hair. What is going on…is my hair growing super slowly?

Was it slow to start with?

Mine has definatly grown very fast. I had a good 2cm before i even stopped chemo. It started to re grow after chemo 4.

When it was short it was tight, thick ,grey afro but it is so pretty now with lovely loose curls.

fingers crossed yours will be the same


Before I lost my hair I was using a really good pair of Morphy Richards straighteners. I never believed that just because GHD were more expensive that they were better. Although anyone who owns a pair will always dispute that fact! I think if you buy some that have a high heat setting on (220+) they do just as good a job as any.
Can’t wait for mine to be long enough to have to straighten it again! lol
Good luck

I know the first curls can be hideous to cope with, but from my experience I would caution against spending heaps of money on hair straighteners for the simple reason that after a few months my curls disappeared! I know this won’t be the same for everyone, but if you can find a cheap and easy solution for the first few weeks and see how things are going, you may be able to save that £99 for a different treat!

Best wishes,

Julie x

i finished rads in march and have had 1 trim a while ago. i use straighteners now. just long enough to not burn my head lol
not sure what make,but got them off ebay yrs ago,around £50 and get very hot
i use a serum and some heat defense spray to try to protect hair
i still cant get it very straight but it helps.
but if i go out in the wind or damp it curls again!!

on another note, has anyone had bleach highlights put in yet? i dont want to ruin what i have but im fed up of how quick the grey comes through. im using herbetint at the moment

I’ve just lost all my hair, last weekend, and I can’t wait to be asking this question in a few months time! …

Aww Pinkrose it won’t be long before your hair will be back and you will be asking about dyes and straighteners!

I bought a pair of mini straightneers from TK Max last week - they were £10 fron £20 and do the job for now. Once my hair is longer i will be going back to my good old GHD’s - wahooooooooooooooooo!

14MTHS after the end of active treatment i had massive curly shoulder length hair. I had it cropped off 2 dyas ago and its totally straight!Still thick,greyish and coursebut fabulous none the less . The hairdresser held up my hair and the 2inches by my head were a different colour to the rest and appeared straighter.
Off it went and i now look like me!
I never thought the curls would go as they are massive!


maybe yours will grow back straight!

when i was very short i got some little mini straighteners in wilko for 4.99

thats a good idea linclady i tried mine last night to see if i could get rid of the fluffyness ( all 2 inches if that) and all i got was burnt bloody fingers OUCH may have to wait till its a little longer ha ha x

I have been using the mini straighteners for my fringe, it makes it just that little bit longer when straightened! Cant so the sides as its too thick, looks very odd when straightened. Have become a very loyal hairwax user! x

I recommend the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it heats up to 450f with temperature control, dual voltage, tourmaline ceramic plates with rounded edges which makes it great for also curling your hair. Also has a 3 year warranty. i have ones and it works pretty good :slight_smile:

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Using a straightening iron can help make hair easier to style and can help keep it in place. It can be useful for both short and long cuts, but you do need a minimum length to use it effectively. I used one daily for about five years. These days I’ve become better at using a hair dryer to control the direction and style of my hair and don’t use my straightener as often. Using a clamp brush in conjunction with the straightener makes the process easier and the results better.

Remember that heat protectant products are essential when using styling tools like hair straighteners to minimize potential damage. It’s also a good practice to avoid excessive heat exposure and give your hair breaks from heat styling when possible to maintain its health and shine. You can also add a hair straightener comb for protection.

Your experience and insights are valuable for anyone looking to improve their hair styling skills and achieve great results.