Anyone waited 3 weeks or more for pathology report ??

Hi everyone


Bit fed up now, had lumpectomy on 23 Jan and still not had results,  I have an appointment tomorrow and they will advise me if back then. Will feel devastated if not back , my bcn has advised its just a backlog of work but I can’t help feeling its more sinister and they are running further checks. Would she be honest if they had found something? Also she has stated if they got them earlier she could not tell me over the phone as they have to bechecked by a number of specialists,  is this the case everywhere?  Starting to ramble, think its the panic setting in xxxx

I was 3 weeks waiting for results Sept 2013. I was initially told 2weeks but the appointment was postponed because all the results were not available. I also felt they maybe keeping something from me.
I was assured this was not the case and that the team of specialists needed to check the results together in order to decide on the best treatment path.
My results were better than I thought they would be, so nothing sinister.
A radiographer friend told me that everything is reviewed in turn and the extra wait doesn’t mean that there is something wrong, just a backlog of work.
Hope this helps. It’s only normal to worry when we’ve had our lives turned upside down.
Hope you get good news tomorrow. xx