Anyone waiting for mastectomy and immediate DIEP at Broomfields?

im awaiting a date for mx with DIEP at Broomfields, anyone out there in the same situation? I have IDC grade 3 HER+ and am to also have chemo and herceptin post op. the waiting is driving name crazy.

Bumping into latest posts for Sara

Hi Sara,
This is my third Grade 3 breast cancer and I saw the plastic Surgeon yesterday. I will be having double mastectomy and immediate DIEP reconstrution at the Broomfield - just waiting for a date.

Hello Sara ,
i too am her2+ grade 2 and 3 ( two lumps ) and some lymph node involvement ( biopsy confirmed this ) .
i am having my mx and auxillary clearance this Saturday. Not sure where Broomfield is but it seems every health care authority is slightly different . When I saw my consultant for my biopsy results he gave me a date straight away and I sign a consent form at the same time. It was a bit daunting really but getting used to it and want to get on now…
Kept busy by painting all the doors my house ! I have three dogs and they now have white gloss ears …
good luck to both you and bernadette XX

Hi Ladies
Just to say good luck with your ops, it will be so worth it all. I have had mastectomy (nearly two years ago) and nine weeks ago had reconstruction DIEP and wow am so happy with the results. The waiting is hard but after its worth it all.
Sue x

Hi Bonnie,
It’s true, every cancer seems to be so different, it’s best to just sit back and let it ride I suppose. good luck tomorrow, I will be sending to you positive vibes. At least when you come home you’ll have fresh as daisy doors to look At, Three dogs,wow, I have one,Dylan he is sporting a red mark on his head, a tomato sauced sausage, off to find the baby wipes!
Sara xx

Sorry Bernadotte, that last message was for bonnie. I have been given a provisional date for 3rd September, just waiting for confirmation from mr rumakristian. Ave you heard anything yet. Sorry to see its your3rd grade 3 cancer, you must have been going through all of this for ages.
Are you local to chelmsford, seems that people travel from all over the UK for mr to do his magic on them. I’m from Romford, so it’s only 30 minute drive.
Take care, Sara x

Hi Sue,
Thank you for your good luck wishes.
Hi Sara, I live in Chadwell Heath and will be having chemo in Queens, so we’re very local to eachother. I’m also a dog lover with my Bichon Pixie and Shih Tzu Tilly. I was first diagnosed in my right breast in 2002 when I was 38 and had neo adjacent AC Chome x 6, then Lumpectomy and auxillary clearance followed by 30x radio. I finished all of that treatment in October 2002. Then was diagnosed in Jan 2007 and had surgery first - again as recomended by my Breast Cancer Surgeon - lumpectomy, auxillary clearance followed by Taxotere x 4, then 30xradio. Due to being Triple Negative am unabel to ahve any hormone therapy. Then 2 weeks ago diagnosed with a recurrance in my right breast in a completly different area. All I know so far is it’s grade 3 again - al three have been, but dont know yet the hormone status. I have the BRCA1 gene and had proprolactyic Oompectomy 3 years ago, which was to reduce the risk of another cancer significantly!!
That’s great that you now have a date for the Surgery. I’m waiting for my Breast Cancer Surgeon to return from leave on Monday and he and the Plastic Surgeon will plan a date, but it’s a very long surgery, so I don’t know when they will sort out a date, but hopefully not too far away. Take care to all you lovely ladies and good luck with everyones treatment! Never give up the fight! xxxxx

Hi Bonnie,
Good luck to you also and thank you for the good wishes xxx

Hi Bernadetteh,
Thanks for the reply, you really have been through it, I hope you reman strong to fight this new battle. I’m still waiting fr confirmation of the 3rd, maybe my surgeon is your surgeon
I had my WLE and SNB at King George’s in Chadwell Heath, they were great in there and after having the next operation will also be having my Chemo and Herceptin at Queens.
I haven’t gone down the route of genes yet, maybe I should as both my great grandma and grandma had breast cancer, however my mum hasn’t, thank goodness. I have a daughter also so it would be a good idea to have that conversation with my BCN, but what a can of worms it may open.
i love dogs too, Dylan is a cross jack Russell/collie and is lovely, Likes a lot of exercise.
I Hope your date arrives soon, as waiting I feel is the worst thing.
Im off to Body Jam at the gym then to Notting Hill for the day, I hope whatever you do makes you smile too.
Sara x

Hiya, I’m waiting to go into Springfield for Mx and Back Flap… Unfortunately I can’t have a DIEP.
My friend had Mx and DIEP 8 years ago in Broomfield… She said they were wonderful… edited out name of doctor :) xxx