Anyone waiting to start radiotherapy?

I’ve just had a lumpectomy last week. Is anyone here in the same boat and waiting to start radiotherapy?

Hello mmstocker,

Thank you for your post.

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I’m started my 5 day fast forward radiotherapy on July 29 got my Planning scan yesterday Still feels quite surreal but I want to get started With my treatment although I’m apprehensive I know it’s for the best xxx

Hi mmstocker,

I’ve just started radiotherapy today. I’m having 5 days of treatment as opposed to the original 15 that were planned due to covid. I had 2 lumpectomies in January (margins not clear in 1st) followed by chemotherapy and now radiotherapy. 
I met with my radiotherapy consultant at the end of June so had a chance to ask any questions. I found the Breast Care Now radiotherapy pamphlet really useful too. I was given a small information leaflet to take away after meeting my consultant too. 
I had a ct scan planning meeting last week where I had 3 small blue tattoos to make sure treatment is lined up in the same position each time. I must admit I was terrified beforehand but the nurses were lovely and helped put me at my ease. 
I’ve just had my 1st radiotherapy session today and been given flamigel to apply 3 times a day to the breast being treated. 
I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Hi mmstocker, 

I had a lumpectomy with breast reduction in late June and like you am awaiting a date for planning scan and to start rads! Just want it to start now!! 

Hi all

Just read all these with interest.

I had lumpectomy and lymph removal on 13th July.

See my oncologist 18th aug to discuss radiotherapy.

I expect 5 sessions.

Been warned about skin - already have medihoney and fatigue.

That should be the end of the 9 month journey - diagnosed 3rd january but know the journey doesnt really end there.

So good to listen to everyone’s stories

Good luck



My lumpectomy is this Friday, I finished a course of 6 chemo sessions early July and am expecting to start radiotherapy in Oct not sure how many as that will depend on lumpectomy results.

Have you been advised of dates and number of sessions yet?

Hope your enjoying the weather.

Take care


Hi, I am starting radiotherapy in the beginning of Sept. I am a little apprehensive about it. This is my second go round with DCIS. First time I only had the lumpectomy, that was back in 1994. Now it seems I am almost getting the works. I had my lumpectomy, same breast almost same location. I have been prescribed letrozole and radiotherapy. I am trying to be upbeat and positive for the most part. My medical team is fantastic. So I forge ahead and keep my eye on the prize. Keep positive and surround yourself with loving friends.

Thank you, been given start date of 26 November, couldn’t face the tattoo, so have three bright blue crosses with patches over, hubby can top up with pen. 

phobia re hospital right up, just want this to be over, i have a shoulder issue and boy it was painful moving it down.

I’m having my planning appointment on Friday and will be starting radiotherapy mid December.  I am having my lymph nodes on the right side of the neck targeted.  Looking forward to sailing through this part of my treatment, because chemo was bleurgh!

Hi everyone,

I started radiotherapy yesterday, so I’ve had two of five sessions already. I’m glad to finally start so we can zap any wayward cells.

However, I can’t stop worrying about the length of time between surgery (lumpectomy) and starting radiotherapy. It was 10 weeks, which seems much longer than what the NHS standard is. I had stage 1, grade 1 ER/PR positive, so no chemo needed. I’ll start Tamoxifen post-radiotherapy. I am fit and healed from surgery really quickly. I did have to wait on genetic testing results before radiotherapy could start, but it’s been a month since I got those results.

Should I be concerned that it’s taken too long to start radiotherapy? I read several studies that said waiting more than eight weeks before radiotherapy after surgery is linked to worse outcomes. My breast care nurse said she is not worried, but I still feel anxious.

Just wondering what others have been told.

Hi - I hope you are recovering well from surgery.

 I had a lumpectomy in December and started radiotherapy yesterday.   I am on the 5 day treatment programme.   Had my tattoos on the 26th January in prep for the radiotherapy.  

Hi yes I’ve had 2 ops and now I’m waiting to see when I start radiotherapy, I had my last op on the 5/2/2021