Anyone watch Holby

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I was annoyed to again see the sterotypical Chemo sufferer. One of the Drs. on Holby was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma by a blood test no biopsys or scans for him. The actor has had to lose 2 stone to portray someone on Chemo and a white face. Why cant they show someone putting on weight with a bright red rosy face like I had. No wonder some people cant believe i had Chemo. This is supposed to be a fictional medical programme with Consultants advising the Scriptwriters.

Hi Val

Like you, it makes me angry how people on chemo are portrayed.

I’m quite surprised about that with Holby (although I don’t watch it) as Amanda Mealing is in it (who has had breast cancer) and was in the BCC Fashion Show in London as a model with me in 2003 and I’m surprised she didn’t give any feedback - maybe she did??


One thing which drives me mad about the Dr Stratton story line (he’s the one on chemo) is that he is shown continuing to work as a surgeon while on chemo. He collapses and pukes in theatre in the middle of an operation. Now I’m all for positive images of people working during chemo but it is just not the case that a surgeon on chemo would be allowed to do surgery…if he wanted to work he’s be catching up on admin.

I don’t suppoe Amanda Mealing has any influence on the story lines-after all as Connie she only sent Dr Stratton home for a week and he was back operating again on Tuesday…


I know its fictional but I agree a doctor would not be working whilst having chemo…i work in a childrens day nursery …and wasn’t allowed to go in there when having chemo…but if i remember rightly i thought the same thing when the nurse …think her name was tricia…was dx with BC and was having chemo she also continued working with paitents…which these writers would do a bit of research and get it right!!


…and of course Amanda Mealing knows all about it as a fellow breast cancer sufferer!!!

…not good TV to just get on with it is it??


HI All If he continues to work he will get an overwhelming infection and if he survives will have grounds to sue the occupational health service at Holby for allowing him to work at all!— Its not real I know but… x jan

I missed last weeks episode and the doctor on chemo wasn’t in last nights episode. What’s happened?


The Byrne brother who was in a coma died.

The good looking alkie got drunk and caused ructions. That nice looking one he was going out with, can’t remember her name, found him sleeping it off in an operating theatre. Things got nasty and he swiped her face with a scalpel. She heard footsteps outside and managed to overturn a table and Connie tried to get in but the door was locked. I think it ended there.

Good luck to us all.

Doesn’t the type of chemo you are on affect they way you are? And doesn’t it vary from person to person?

I do agree the programme doesn’t show chemo patients in a good light, as I guess a lot of employers are out there thinking that their staff should be able to come in to the office if Mr Strachan can operate. However I wouldn’t want him to operate on me, especially as one of the programmes said he had been on call for 24 hours (not believable). Also it’s unbelievable that a person would put themselves as so much risk of so many possible different bugs and continue to work in a hospital.

Someone once told me that Lance Armstrong still managed to go out cycling training between his chemo cycles. My reply was that he was probably on different chemo drugs to me and I wasn’t about to try it as my level of fitness probably wasn’t the same as his!

Did anyone see the programme on Mike Peters recently? He carried on with a gig the evening of his first chemo session - madness! He then flew to the US for another one (my dr would never allow it).

take care everyone


yes and Lynn Redgrave carried on acting in the West End during chemo. Can’t believe that! Mind you, I bet these famous people have someone to do their washing and cooking!


I also watch Holby City and am surprised the doctor is still working, I can understand his weight loss though while on Chemo.

My daughter had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and she lost so much weight and she was so ill and did look very pale, she had to have chemo every two weeks for 6 months as surgery was not possible and that was her treatment along with rads. The nurses told me that her chemo regime was one of the most aggressive, the same chemo is not used for all cancers so no doubt they effect people differently.

I can only speak from my experiences, and I really wish I hadn’t had them it was the worst time of my life.

That was four years ago two years before my diagnoses, she now has a 6 month old daughter and I am a proud grandmother and the past seems like a bad dream.

Best wishes.


I was originally diagnosed as having agressive no hodgkins lymphoma the same as Sam in Holby ( it was only after three lotsw of tests on my lump they decided it was BC) and when I joked with Haemotologist that I could do with losing some weight she said I would probably put on weight (a couple of stone) this was why I started this thread.
All the best everyone.

Anyone else wondering if that new guy, Linden(?), has aspergers?