anyone with ascites, after breast cancer

has anyone had a problem with ascites, i had breast cancer 2 and half years ago and have secondaries in the bones. but about six months ago developed ascites in the lining of my tummy. i have to have the fluid drained about every two weeks, its become more of a nuisance than the breast cancer. which whith chemo(xeloda) is being controlled. i have now had about twenty drains, anyone else out there had this problem.

Sorry, haven’t got an answer for you but bumping it up to the top.

Ann x

Hi, yes I too have ascites due to liver secondaries (as well as bone). Having had numerous drains I have now had a PleurX drain inserted which can stay in indefinately. That means I can manage to ascites myself at home and drain fluid before it builds up too much. I only had it done 5 days ago but should make life much more comfortable as I was only getting about a weeks relief from drainage. It wasn’t any more painful being inserted than normal drain and if your don’t think you could manage it yourself you’d be able to have district nurses to do it for you although it’s very easy. Definitely worth discussijng with your onc.

Best wishes Ritz