Anyone with recent stories of TNBC that can raise my spirts?

I’m TNBC grade 3, 31mm lump with node involvement and waiting for my chemo to start on 17th Sep.

Is there anyone out there with some positive stories?

Feeling anxious.

Hi Whitfield,


I know this is an anxious time for you whilst waiting for treatment to begin but you will start to feel more positive once it has started.

I was diagnosed last nov with TNBC with a 28mm lump and I started chemo in Dec 6xFect, the lump shrunk to 8mm prior to surgery in april then I had 15 radiotherapy sessions, My treatment ended at beginning of july and surgeon and oncologist were very happy with outcomes. I don’t need to see oncologist again until May next year for check up.

My sister also had TNBC 19 years ago and is still living life to the full so keep positive and you will get through this, sending cyber ((((Hugs)))).

Wyn x