Anyone with Residual disease after neoadjuvant chemo

After recieving a disappointing pathology report after neoadjuvant therapy I am struggling to feel any sense of hope. 

I had what was described as only a moderate response to chemo, with 7 lymphnodes having traces of cancer and still left with a 5cm tumor although it had flattened so had no longer been palpable, so came as a bit of a shock. 

Im triple positive, so been offered Kadcyla and Tamoxifen, and radiotherapy with boosters. 

I have 2 very young children and im struggling to find any hope or success stories from people who have been through similar

I’m not sure if I have posted in the right section. If not please let me know. Thanks x 

Hi K8ty, sorry you are experiencing anxiety over neoadjuvant response.  I can relate being triple positive myself with a partial response and I was so disappointed. My oncologist was not overly concerned…my cancer was unusual in that she said although slow growing and low Grade it was Her 2 positive so that was decision for chemo and also because it was 4cm. If I hadn’t had HER2 I wouldn’t have needed chemo as it wouldn’t have responded but my cocktail TCHP attacked the HEr2 and crumbled it. I was offered Kadcyla but turned it down as I couldn’t face anymore chemo and I have opted for Herceptin injections only. If you belong to MacMillan forum for breast cancer there are a few of us with same outcomes of partial response and continuing with Kadcyla and quite common. A couple Irishgirl66 and Amelie have blogged about it. I hope you find some reassurance but I certainly challenge my oncologist each time I go with long lists of questions! Xx