Anyone with sore throat-swollen gland

Hello everyone
I have had what I thought was a sore throat since about last Friday, alathough it felt as if I had cricked my neck. A GP has looked at it and said it is not my throat but a swollen lymph gland. If anyone has had or has similar, please let me know your experience/opinion/outcome.
The mention of the word lymph node has put fear into me.
I would be so grateful to hear from you
Many thanks

Hi Kookey

I am afraid what I say wont help with the ‘fear of god’ as my lymph nodes became swollen recently, but they were clavical, ie at the bottom of my throat and if felt like something was pressing on my throat constantly and swallowing is uncomfortable. Unfortunately for me this was the disease spreading, so not good. However, when I asked there were lots of people who had similar and it wasn’t anything to do with the cancer. So, all I can say is talk with your team and go get it checked ASAP, it will at the least put your mind at rest to know it’s going to be sorted out.



There are loads of throat infections going around at the moment. I had one for over two weeks - and feared it was bc spreading. but in my case it was simply just a throat infection with tonsil glands enlarged. No gone away luckily.

Bright xx