anything else i can do for my mouth?

Morning lovely ladies.have been given gelclair and nevastin spray for my wretched mouth problems/oral thrush after my first chemo and it certainly looks better but its still really sore burny and tingly.tons of saliva all the time.i’d been eating really well but everything hurts…i have quite a few teeth missing and the gums feel like the teeth have just been extracted is there anything else i can do to help myself and what about prevention in the future? I really cant imagine putting up with this for months.thanks for any help you can offer

 I have been advised to use Biotene and to suck one of these for a few days after your session


I am waiting to start so no idea if they work but I have bought some and will take one for 5 days after each session then the whole pack of 30 should see me through. If you do try them let me know if they are any good.

Blue ash, can I ask who recommended the tablets? I too having been having problems with sore mouth, can’t eat anything only soft food the last 2 days, though pain is definitely subsiding. I phoned Unit who said I needed Biotene, which I think has helped.
I am going to phone Unit back tomorrow. I think I’ll say to them about the tablets. Maybe would prevent further occurrence for my next chemo.

Thanks Blueash, I’ll definitely look into these tablets. And £20 would be money well spent if they help. When do you start chemo? You sound like you are well prepared!