Anything in writing


How do people normally receive results; scans etc. Does anyone get results in writing?

My results have been via telephone by breast care nurse. I went to another appointment with someone else this week & it basically transpires that the breast care nurse was not transparent with scan results even after being asked a direct question about them.

I’ve lost all trust in her and can’t belive a word she says. I am so angry. Due to get pathology results soon & I’ve asked for them in writing. She told me she doesn’t know how to print the report off. Pathetic.

Would be good to know everyone else’s experiences. Am I asking to much to have a copy of reports relating to results?

Dear Luskentyre1

Welcome to the forum, so sorry you have found yourself in this position. After a consultation with any hospital, your GP will receive a report the medical secretary at your surgery will be able to print a copy for you, however this could take a week or maybe even longer. 
If you are still not satisfied you could contact PALS at your hospital, you are entitled to have a copy of your medical records.

Hopefully, all will get sorted very soon, wishing you health and happiness going forward. Please come back to the forum and let us know how your doing.

hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hi @Luskentyre1  

  I’ve never received a clinical print out in regards to my cancer, it may be that they don’t give those out but in that case they should say so. I’m with you in that I want to know everything and I know when I’m being fobbed off and yes it destroys any trust that might have been built.

I have received copies of correspondence to my GP ( as Tili said) , detailing stage ,grade , type and size of tumour plus treatment plan.   After my Dexa scan however I only received a brief note from my GP to say it was normal but my Consultant  sent a very detailed report/ printout including diagrams / risk % for fractures etc. I would suggest contacting your surgery for copies of correspondence.

  Perhaps you could speak to a different Nurse or Team Leader? I also felt let down by the Breast Care Nurse I was initially in contact with ( not for the same reason). Without mentioning her name I made it clear to my Consultant on my surgery day that I wasn’t happy and since then all my appointments have been with other Nurses. My feedback regarding my experience was taken onboard .