Apparently, 10pm is bedtime! Lol

Hello ladies, I’m in hospital after having a WLE and ANC. I actually don’t feel too bad. Turned down the tramadol and just on light weight stuff.

The hospital staff are lovely, couldn’t ask for more - except I’m starving! Lol. I’ve eaten everything they’ve put in front of me, but just lying here craving chocolate. Body clock is totally out and I’m wide awake.

Anyway, I’d just like to say if anyone is apprehensive about this surgery. Don’t be, it’s fine. You may feel a little woozy, but that’s ok and if you do have pain, take the painkillers. You don’t get Brownie points for struggling through.

I suppose at some point I have to go to sleep, and hopefully I can go home tomorrow.

Good night guys. Hope it was a good one for you today, if not, don’t worry, you’ll catch one tomorrow! Xxx

Morning…I used to feel wide awake after my surgery.Had several ops due to implants failing etc.When I got home following surgery I would be full of beans.I realised I had spent most of the day in bed,and fast asleep!

take care…???