Appealing DLA?

Hi Ladies,

Back when I was diagnosed, I applied for, and was granted the lower level of DLA. This was mainly on the grounds that I couldn’t manage to cook a meal, and needed help to remind me about taking my meds (partly memory, partly depression related)

Today, my district nurse has suggested I apply to appeal their decision, in the hope I could get the middle rate.

Currently, I just about manage around the house, but can’t manage to cook a “proper” meal, as I am (a) too exhausted, and (b) struggle with lifting things, especially pans on the stove, or hot things from the oven.
I still need reminding about my drugs, as I struggle to remember anything for more than a few minutes.
My husband does all the housework, apart from loading the washing machine, which I can manage.
I struggle to do the shopping, and now go daily as I can manage just one baskets worth in my wheely trolley.

Has anyone else appealed successfully? I do struggle with lots of the things I considered normal a year ago, and have both my children in childcare as I can’t manage to look after them on my own, but I still feel a fraud …

Thanks, Mum2Two

Hi Mum2Two,
Yes,I appealed because my circumstances changed after I’d first applied and was turned down(even though I’ve got secondaries).I first applied in May and it was all finally sorted out in October.
You sound like you are really struggling.You don’t mention if you have secondaries?They give it under what’s called the ‘special rules’ if you have.
Alli x

Hi there,
I’de go for it if your District nurse has suggested it - she must have a pritty good idea of who can and cant get it. Please dont think you are not a fraud - the chemo has played havoc with my memory - it’s scarey isn’t it.

Hi Mum2Two

It’s always worth appealing.

Initially, I was refused any DLA and it was only after an appeal that I received the lowest level.

If you don’t feel able to write the appeal yourself, get help from your BCN or anyone involved in your care or treatment.

Good luck.


Thanks for all your advice & kind words.

Thankfully, I only have a primary diagnosis, but I am struggling.

I spoke to the CAB today, and they will help me fill the form in with the support of my GP & district nurse.