Appearance of mastectomy after surgery

I had my mastectomy on 24th November and had a seroma drained after about 2 weeks.  My question is :- Did any body else have the appearance when looking at the operated area that they still look as if they have a boob?

Underneath scar area has the shape of a boob.  To touch originally it was a bit like a seroma but now it feels hard to the touch and I have started to worry that the surgeon has left some breast tissue there. It is quite sore at times even to have clothing touch it. If it is just a fluid build up after surgery surely it would have started to reduce by now??  I know I should ring BCNs to put my mind at rest but I don’t like pestering them or making myself look silly if its normal surgery swelling.   What with worrying about what the oncologist will say about treatments when I get my oncology appointment and the thought of tissue left after mastectomy, I’m driving myself crazy worrying about it. Please help.

This must be so stressful for you.  I would definitely bring it up with breast care nurses and oncologist asap.  Hopefully they’ll be able to look into it further and reassure you if it’s just fluid etc, and if they have left any tissue behind it would be better to know so something can be done about it.  I hope you get it sorted :slightly_smiling_face:   X