Does everyone on here suffering from secondary breast cancer have a normal appetite, no nausea and no weight loss.I am really stugging to eat have nausea 3 stone weight loss in 3 months.It says in mcmillan website these symptoms are near end of life but I don’t have any metastasis just have cancer in mammary lymph node which chemo has reduced to 2cm from 1.2mm and they couldn’t find the primary but due to biopsy they are fairly certain it is in the breast.My foof also seems to take a long time to digest its like things have slowed right down.I just don’t understand why I seem to be only one with these symptoms I’ve had them for 6 months now and don’t know how much more I can keep forcing myself to eat. Any comments would be much appreciated.

Hi Gina,

You don’t mention any meds that you might be on but my initial thoughts jumped straight to that possibly being the cause of your loss in appetite. I’m currently on chemo and herceptin and perjeta and I get a very bloated stomach within a week of treatment and my appetite goes, I just don’t feel hungry but I make myself eat buy can’t fit a lot in. I have mets to liver and right lung, before being diagnosed with mets my appetite was normal so I know it is just the treatment. 

I’m assuming your weight loss has been noted during appointments? Have you discussed it with BC nurse or oncologist?