Appointment and test results

Hi all,

On friday 8th i had my 1st appointment where i saw a dr and had an ultrasound, they decided my lump wasnt a cyst and i needed a biopsy, me being me thought id have to go back but nope it was done there and then, it wasnt as bad as i was expecting and the healing process has been good.
Anyway today Tuesday 12th I’ve recieved an appointment letter for a different hospital and in the DTC (diagnoses treatment centre) i was doing so well not worring but now, i full of worry and dread? Anyone else been in a similar situation?


:heart: do ring the number here and speak to a nurse :heart: please do hold onto till a professional tells you, you have breast cancer, you do not have breast cancer :heart: if you do have breast cancer, please hold onto your team have seen it all before and your treatment plan will be tailored specifically to you :heart: reach out on here :two_women_holding_hands::heart:everyone will help as much or as little as you need if you are told you do have breast cancer :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

I am so glad that the biopsy was taken on the day. Try to be positive till you see the specualist. Not all extra diagnostics are a cancer diagnosis. xx

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