Appointment cancelled

Hi ladies feeling very low.I had a lumpectomy 3 weeks ago and was due to have my results of sentinel lymph nodes test tomorrow. I was hoping to have a plan for next stage of treatment. But just had a phone call my results are not back.this has really upset me more than the original diagnosis. I had got myself prepared for appointment.
I have to go next week now.
The breast nurse who phoned told me to go to gp to take my dressings off as they are quite sore.
So hopefully I will feel a bit better when they are off.
Sorry for rant xx

Hi sunny lady, I know how you feel, it really throws you off balance when there are changes to your schedule. I found this very upsetting too. I think it’s because you are constantly preparing yourself for multiple scenarios which is very mentally exhausting and when the results are delayed you have to put yourself through this all over again.   Try and keep yourself busy with things you enjoy and face the appointment when you’re there.  Sendng hugs. Xxx 

Thanks for replying I’m feeling a bit better now just sorry for myself. I will keep busy and get back to my positive self after a sleep I’m sure.
Onwards and upwards xxx

Do not burden yourself. Everything’s gonna Be Alright, do not worry

I was in a similar position, took weeks for results and 2 appointments cancelled. At results appointment got verbal appointment for oncologist to be confirmed by letter- it never was. I just turned up. 2 weeks later I’m waiting for radio planning appointment. I work in school so am busy but it’s always on my mind. Waiting for the unknown and looking forward to the finish.