Appointment day - worried and scared.

Well after waiting just over a week - today is the day I go to breast clinic. I have spend most of the week worrying and thinking the worse and have convinced myself it’s not going to be good news. My appointment isn’t until 4pm so have a long wait too. 


Thinking kf of everyone who has appointments today x

Good luck .4pm is a long time to wait.

I know thankfully I’m at work until 3:30 and have a day full of appointments so hopefully shouldn’t be too bad but feeling more worried as the day goes on. X

Better to get it over with first thing but at least you have a busy day .


Good luck Jd and to all who have appointments today xxxx

Will be thinking of you today, Jdfegan. Keeping busy at work seems a good idea. Hopefully you are taking someone with you for support? Best wishes. X