appointment for scan?

Hi, I’ve just been to the doctors today because I thought I felt a lump, she checked them and said there is nothing that concerns her, but has made me an appointment to have I think its an ultra scan,which is on the 5th August.What happens when you go? Do you get the results on the day?

Sorry it might be ultra sound.I’m not sure now.

Hi Cindy. Yes, it would be an ultra sound. It’s just like the scans to look at pregnant women - they will run the sensor over the area and the image will come up on the screen. They are very blurry and I don’t think they are very precise in assessing lumps, so I think it is likely that if anything shows up a biopsy would be taken and sent off for analysis.

The biopsy is quick and I found it painless - you might experience a little discomfort, but it’s not a big deal. I suppose it depends where the lump is - some may not be able to be biopsied in this way and further diagnostics might be necessary. You will need to ask how long it takes to get biopsy results - seems to vary quite a lot. I hope your GP is right and it turns out not to be anything - good luck, please let us know how you get on.

finty xx

Thanks for your reply finty, I will let you know how I get on :slight_smile:
I have just looked at the breast cancer leaflet about going to a breast clinc, and reading it says you are refered if you have a lump etc etc, so without sounding stupid, why would my doctor send me there if she says theres nothing that concerns her? Is it just a reasurance or something. Before when I thought I found something they just checked my breasts and said they couldn’t feel anything and everything is ok. My mum had breast cancer and I think thats on my mind as well. Sorry for sounding paronoid but I keep trying not to worry and get on with things but last night as well I’m sure I saw a little bit of discharge, and the doctor had asked me if I had any, which I said I hadnt, but I also remembered seeing a small patch of dark on my bra. So thats getting me worried to. Sorry for going on and I hope that all makes some sense.

Hi cindy7

Your GP is being wise to send you for a scan as all lumps need to be checked out. I agree with what Flinty has said. I can understand why you’re feeling anxious but its all the more reason to get things checked out.

Julia xx

Thankyou Julia and finty for leaving a message. I went today to the clinc I had an ultra sound on the part of my breast where I was worried about and then a doctor examined my breasts as well, everything is ok :-). It was a nerve wracking time while there but it is better to get it sorted. I wish you both well and hope everything is ok for you xx