Appointment next week


I went to the doctors for the 2nd time about my breast concerns on Tuesday after the first doctor refused to even look at my breast and after my examination she referred me to the breast clinic for an appointment on Tuesday! I have got a lump, a burning sensation and pain from the breast to my shoulder/collarbone! I have also got a really bad dry skin on my breast! Now I’m wondering what will happen at this breast clinic appointment? I’m worried as the doctor kept telling me you’ll be in and out in minutes but my letter (I received it today) says I’ll be there for up to 3 hours?! So now I real don’t know what to expect! Any advice & reassurance would be much appreciated! Just to add I’m 21

Thanks in advance! Xx

Hi EmilySXx

Sorry you find yourself here. 

Breast cancer isn’t painful, the pains you are experiencing are probably something else. 

3 hours is the norm sometimes at the Breast clinic, due to delays in clinic. Plus you will probably have an Ultrasound scan in the appointment. I doubt it’s BC, take care and let us know how you get on. 

Dear Emily


On my first referral to the breast unit I was in for a few hours, this included a physical examination, a mammogram and an ultrasound. There was some waiting in between each, so I wouldn’t take the time allocation as any indication that there has been any assessment made about your individual concerns.


You are doing the right thing and going through the right process. Wishing you well for Tuesday.


love Ruth xxx

Hi Emily,

It’s quite right you’ve been referred, it’s normal practice & GPs may not examine you as the breast clinic is the right place to sort it out.

The clinic is a ‘one stop shop’ so to speak, hence allowing up to 3 hours for an appointment, in case further investigations have to be done. You may well be in & out quite quickly anyway, if it is clear what it is. The Dr will examine you, then usually do an ultrasound, if it’s clear what it is, you will be out quite quickly - that is the usual outcome.

If it’s not clear what it is & a biopsy is taken, then it will take longer - but it doesn’t mean it’s bc if a biopsy is needed. 

Honestly, the usual outcome is all’s well & there’s a far more common reason for the breast change.

ann x