Appointment today and am panicking


I’ve got my urgent breast clinic appointment today and I’m panicking to be honest. I barely slept last night, I feel sick and my stomach is churning. I’m worried they won’t feel anything at the clinic even though my GP could, I’m worried about having a mammogram (never had one before as I’m 36), I’m worried I’ll need a biopsy and that it will hurt. I’ve got to get through 6 hours of work first too though how I’m going to function to my usual standard I don’t know. 

On the flip side, I’m very impressed with how quickly the appointment has come around, less than a week from seeing my GP. I’d be worrying more if it took the full 2 weeks.

I don’t know why I’m posting here to be honest other than to get it off my chest with people who understand 

Most people who go for one of these appointments find there’s nothing wrong. 
You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t nervous.
Good luck! Sending positive vibes

Sometimes mammograms feels a bit punchy but I think most women think they don’t hurt. 

Hey @MrsE12  it is only natural to be a bag of nerves when you’ve been thrown into this world of uncertainty.  It’s a huge positive though that you have got your appointment quickly.  As to the appointment, breast screening can be a tad uncomfortable but that’s all it is, it’s not painful per se and it doesn’t take long.  A friend and I always joke that we should go for coffee after our screenings - two flat whites of course! Usually, after the screening, if they can see something, you’ll have an ultrasound and if a biopsy is needed, a small local anaesthetic will be given.  The biopsy itself is usually done with a needle so you won’t have a big cut and it heals very quickly.  You say you are worried that they might not feel the lump that your GP can feel but you can be reassured that the professionals you will see do this all day every day and are expert in their field.  My lump was too small to be felt by anyone but they saw it on the screening and managed to biopsy it without fuss or pain.  Once you’ve had the biopsy there will be a wait for the results, possibly a couple of weeks.  This is completely normal but it is the hardest part.  It is worth remembering that not all lumps are cancer and the absolutely worst thing you can do during that time is go onto Google to read up about all sorts of things that most likely won’t apply to you.  Step away from that search engine!  Once you have the results, if necessary, a treatment programme will be put in place and you will feel better moving forward towards a resolution.  Let us know how you get on.  

Hi Mrs E

First of all, well done for finding us. Hopefully you won’t need to stay around long and, if that sounds inhospitable, it means I’m thinking of this: 

90% of referrals to breast clinics turn out to be benign. You may have a cyst, a fibroadenoma (gristly tissue) or one of several other diagnoses.

Given that fact, I’m still bemused that our minds leap from lump to cancer, which obviously is worst case scenario. But that’s what happens and, once that happens, it’s hard to put it right. The breast examinations and tests aren’t fun but women do them every day. I am such a wuss when it comes to mammograms that the last radiographer couldn’t help laughing. “You should have seen your face” she said unsympathetically. It’s not that it’s painful; for me, it’s just the idea. I’m sure if men had their testicles squeezed flat between two plates and had to stay motionless, we’d soon have a better diagnostic tool! You may have ultrasound, which is easier.

Obviously, the calmer you are, the easier it all is, so maybe practise your diaphragmatic breathing before you go. If you have questions (I’m sure you’ve been googling, which is a definite no-go area if you want to stay sane and accurately informed!), write them down because they are easily forgotten as you get moved from room to room. Maybe write down the answers too. A friend was with me so she more or less acted as my social secretary.  

I hope it goes well for you and you can relax with a nice glass of wine and a huge smile on your face. But whatever the outcome, it’s all manageable xx 

How did you get on at the breast clinic @MrsE12 ? Hope all is ok.