Appointment today

I’m off to the hospital at 3pm for my first appt. 8 days from GP to hospital! The last week has been a touch worrying and i am hoping i will know soon know what i have.

Do they tell you the results from tests done today? Or do you have to go through another wait, if so, how long.

Just off now to wear a hole in the hall carpet!!

HI Jingles,
That was quick mine was a month from GP to consultant.

In my first appointment I had an ultrasound, as I am 32, which the radiologist wasn’t happy with so sent me for a mammogram and a core biopsy of my lump.
I didn’t get any definite results the same day my consultant just said the x-ray (mammogram) was more worrying than first thought (they thought it was a cyst).
I had to wait 4 days for the results from the biopsy, 2 weeks then until surgery and 6 days for the results from the surgery. However, there were ladies on the same ward as me who had to wait 2 weeks for the surgery results.

I hope everything goes OK for you today hunny, I will be thinking about you.
Take care

Thanks Lisa, it sounds like i won’t be left completely in the dark! Looking forward to sleeping tonight.

HI Jingles,
Hope everything gos well for your appointment this afternoon, i will be thinking about you. Is your hospital a one stop clinic? if so you should get your results the same day. In my case I went to my Gp on monday ,was at the hospital the following thurs, had a mamagram, ultrasound scan, then a FNA followed by a Core Biopsy and was given my results within 45 mins, i then had a WLE and SNB on Tuesday (5 days later) ,so sometimes it is very quick. Although at the time it all happened so fast , at least i didnt have the worry of waiting, which ofen is the hardest part . Try not to worry (easy to say i know) as most breast lumps ,9 out of 10 i think are harmless, and hopefully yours will be too, but if not youll certainly get loads of help and support from all the lovely ladies on this site.
il be keeping everything crossed for you , Take care
Hugs Lindiloo x

Hi- hope all goes ok and have everything crossed for you. Ive got my appt at drs today to see if I need referring-my carpet has holes in it too!
Big hug

Good luck to those of you going for appointments - as someone else said 9 out of 10 lumps are nothing to worry about… keep aiming to be no 6.


good luck for today hope you have good news…

we are all here for you

take care

sal x