A couple of weeks ago I noticed a slight mark on my breast, underneath was what I can only describe as a dent. Going along with the any changes to your breasts etc I went to the Drs yesterday expecting to be told it was my age/perfectly normal etc. I do check my breasts regularly due to my mum and aunt both having had breast cancer. The Dr decided that it needs investigation and referred me on the 2 week thing. She explained that she would fax the request and they would ring me later.

Came home feeling a bit scared. I went with my mum to all her appointments so have an idea of what to expect, where she went it was a separate department, you knew everyone was in the same boat and the breast care nurses were lovely, they sat and spoke to you when you first got there, explained everything that would happen and were just ‘there’ for you all the time. I did try to check on the net about our local health authority but couldn’t really find anything.

Fast forward to the afternoon when I got the call from the hospital. Young girl rang and gave me appointment for next Monday. Told me to go to central outpatients main x-ray dept for an ultrasound, was told to make sure I had a full bladder, sounds like she is more used to making appointments for pregnant ladies. Aparently then I can go away for 4 hours and come back for an appointment with a Doctor. Obviously my health authority does not have a dedicated breast centre.

My partner does not think he will be able to come with me, someone else at his works already has Monday off for a funeral. Its only a small firm and if he was away as well that would be half the workforce.

I do not have any friends or family nearby, they are all 300 miles away. Have not mentioned it to family as I don’t want to worry them if it is nothing, they would just feel bad because they couldn’t be here.

I did mention it at work because they needed to know why I will be away, one person said they wouldnt want people messing about with them, the other said don’t know why you are worrying, you don’t know anything yet. Then kept telling me that most people are ok. Yes, I could be worrying for nothing, but it still doesn’t stop you worrying does it?

Sorry for the long post, but I just needed to get all this down as its going round and round in my head.

Hello there,
You’ve come to the right place here - I have found such a lot of info, and support from the people posting. The comments you have had from work really don’t help, do they?!

Expect to be in a bit of a daze over the next few weeks, I found it hard to believe things were happening to me, it was as if I was watching someone else. Stay positive, take each day at a time, and try not to let your imagination run away with you. (this bit is really easier to say than do!!)

Shame there is not a breast care unit for you, they could do to train the u/s staff about the full bladder requirement! I know what you mean about not wanting worry family, but I think you deserve to be a bit kinder to yourself and, if there is someone who can go with you on Monday, tell them. It will be a long day with the 4 hour gap before you see the doctor, you deserve company. I think this is the best excuse to be a bit selfish for a change!

I am not going to say “Don’t worry” - it really annoyed me when it was said to me while I waited for my recall then results, and now waiting for surgery. (Then more waiting for results…it goes on!) You will worry, that is the most natural reaction at the moment, try and do things for you until Monday (and I am also not going to say “To keep your mind off it” - cos that really bugged me as well! Your mind will NOT budge far from this - again -NORMAL!)

I will keep fingers crossed for you, and do keep posting, whatever the next step is, or hopefully isn’t - there are some incredible people on here who will give you a boost, make you laugh or be there with a shoulder that they don’t mind getting wet!


hi jak56 - sorry you have to join us here but like lizzy said its a great site - where are you from Jak - just that there may be someone on here who’s willing to go along with you or offer a bit of support in another way - maybe they’re going for treatment - you never know. You’ve done the right thing getting it checked but the wait takes it out of you…take care, mary x

Thank you so much for replying to me, I felt really low this morning.

Since then I have rung my sister and she said she would take Monday and Tues off work, and come up here on Sunday, its lovely of her as her husband is away and I think she has had to bribe her son to look after his little sister.

I rang my OH to tell him that she will come with me and guess what, he had told his boss he needed the day off and why. Sis still wants to come so I will have both of them for support now.

Also rang the hospital re the ‘full bladder’ lady I spoke to could not understand why I was told that, also told me I will be having a mammogram as well and the doctor I see in the afternoon is actually a consultant, so hopefully I should know one way or the other by the end of Monday.

Went to work this afternoon but can’t really concentrate, its the waiting. (was also told at work today, won’t you feel stupid if everything is ok) she doesn’t mean to be rude (well I don’t think so) just young.

I will come back and let you know what the outcome is



Really glad you have got company for Monday, ignore the stupid comment from work (!!) - they have no idea!

Let us know how you get on,

hey, its good that u have someone to go with u. i had to go on my own and felt like a right loner with everyone staring at me. good luck. x

Have a good weekend Jaki, and Good Luck for Monday,

Hi all

Just to let you know everything went ok yesterday, had the mammo and ultra sound in the morning, saw the consulant in the afternoon and after examining me he said he was not worried by what he could feel, said nothing showed up on the tests and discharged me.

Thank you all for your support over the last few days.


Morning Jaki,
Really glad to hear you news,

That’s great news Jaki - thanks for letting us know :smiley:


Great news Jak. I didn’t like to say as I didn’t want to scare you, but my BC presented in the same way as yours - a dent rather than a lump. SO glad yours is fine. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thats brilliant news Jak … always great to hear good news.

I had my biopsy last Wednesday and still no results (mammogram and ultrasound were the week previous) … Im hoping its good news like your own.

Take care
Sue x